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Each and every globetrotter or a traveller travelling to any of the destinations within India or abroad dreams of being facilitated with the best ways to communicate deeply with your planet and that too undoubtedly in a way one can never ever imagine. In case, you are striving to experience some of the individually crafted custom journeys to all the prevailing ends of the Earth WOO adventures is here for you. In any case you are aspiring to acquire every single in-depth itinerary that is solely formulated with an intention of enabling you explore the soul of a region, you need to go no further than WOO Adventures. Travelling by planes, spending majority of the time deboarding and boarding the vehicles and finally grabbing your favourite travel destination is considered to be a really common practice nowadays. Thus, we are here with a really different thought. WOO Adventures works to suit all your needs and preferences by acting as a bridge between you and your dream destination but in an antique way.

Our convoy will include ‘Self-drive’ as its key element enabling you to drive through the lanes whether beautiful or bumpy ones and reach the place as per your comfort. We want you to experience every single route that will pave the way for your exotic and commendable land based journey. Our team ensures you a memorable journey through your experience of passing through the alluring landscapes and the grim territories.

Dedicated Adventure Family

Vishal Gogia


Carrying over 25 years of vast experience in travelling to numerous international and national location, the founder himself is an adventure enthusiast

Girish Vats



An expert adventure leader to take utmost care of everything you might need on an expedition in remote terrains, 

Hitendra Sharma


A world record holder in overlanding, carrying vast knowledge of programming and documenting your adventure, he will help you in getting ready 

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