Off Roading

What is Off Roading?

An exhilarating hobby amongst men from the era bygone, Off-roading in the present day has found a place in almost every adventure enthusiast’s bucket-list. It is more than indulging your passion for vehicles & monster machines and igniting the fire for adventure, all at the same time.  For the new, off-roading is driving on unpaved ground such as fields, sand dunes, riverbeds, beaches, mountain sides, muddy bogs, gravel, boulders and on terrains and paths that are not paved. In simple terms, this is a road trip on paths less travelled or not paved for general travel. Many off-roaders enjoy natural scenery, while some others enjoy the adrenaline rush triggered by the technical challenge of driving on unpaved grounds. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the game or a seasoned off-roading enthusiast, having the right set of tools on hand while on trails defies if you are making a successful adventure trip or a disaster. Off-roaders drive, race and bounce their rigs, ATVs, 4x4s, SUVs, dune buggies and custom-modified trucks across hardly possible trails, deserts, boulders, swamps and through many unconventional routes for excitement. Most natural terrains are uneven and unpredictable, so it is of utmost importance that you have the proper equipment or vehicle for off-roading.  Technically you can go off-roading in any vehicle such as SUVs, ATVs, trucks, four-wheelers, dune buggies, dirt-bikes and other variants of high-riding vehicles that are specifically designed for off-roading. But make sure that the vehicle of your choice is best suited for the off-beaten path, which you will cover and the vehicle might require certain modifications to meet the trail or terrain requirements. For example, the tire that you will need for dune-bashing probably will not be ideal for traversing boulders.

This adventure adds new vibrancy not only to the trip but also to your instagram reels as you can explore and experience many adventurous activities such as mudding, green laning, rock crawling, dune bashing and more. These trails connect you to the wild past of our planet and serve as an ideal escape from the chaotic urban world, while reconnecting you with your primordial self. You need to step out of your comfort and venture into the trails that are least traveled. You need to push your vehicles and yourself and test your limits and once you get the hang of off-roading, it will be that much-awaited thrill. Off-roading is a raw and pure emotion, which gets extremely contagious when you explore the wilderness.


Off-Roading in the Past

A Frenchman, Adolphe Kégresse designed the world’s first off-road vehicle model, in the early 1900s. But off-roading adventure trips started when jeeps became popular. In the era towards the end of World War II, jeeps were a preferred mode of transport in America.  The muscular thrill of off-roading adventures were best supported by super-sturdy military jeeps, which were left over from WW-II and made accessible by civilians. It was then, the Americans enjoyed off-roading as a recreational outdoor activity with a passion. These conventional vehicles had four-wheel drive, low gearing and high-ground clearance, making them ideal off-roading partners.

Covid-19 Pandemic gives a new pat to Off-Roading

Often touted as an only men activity, off-roading has paved the path for all genders. Irrespective of its demand of higher stamina, muscle power or strength to maneuver the monster machines, off-roading has become a preferred adventure. Primarily, being a less crowded and less preferred adventure, this game keeps you in a safe Covid-19 circuit, where organizers follow every Covid-safety norm.  It is always advisable to follow every safety norm at personal level, while ensuring that you opt for an experienced and established off-roading adventure tour company.

Keys for a Newbie

Are off-roading adventure tours bumpy? Candidly, yes! As the very concept of off-roading implies it involves travel through uneven and non-paved paths and driving tracks. You will be travelling through back roads, deserts, muddy patches, river beds, dense forest trails, rocky terrains, boulders, steep mountain routes and other rugged tracks. So it will be a slow but bumpy and even jarring drive. Therefore, it is very important that if you are planning for or even looking forward to an off-roading trip, you should be in relatively good physical condition.

How long is an off-roading trip?  Client friendly off-roading adventure tour operators plan a variety of trips that will cater to specific requirements of groups or individuals. Nevertheless, you are the one to decide which off-roading adventure is ideal for you, and it depends on how much time you would like to invest. There are trips spanning over the weekends, overnight trips, half day trips, full day trips and other made-to-order plans as per group requirements. Experienced off-roading tour operators customize off road tours as per group’s interest so that they plan and execute what you are most interested in.

Can I go for an off-roading adventure with family on board? With this pandemic hovering, it is wiser to skip the regular family vacation and usual hiking trip; rather one can venture more terrains with an off-road vehicle. Such a trip will surely make a difference and add dimensions to the quality time you spend and the bonding you develop during the adventure. One will be able to do, see and experience more in less time. Did this sound like a no-brainer? Well, believe us and plan your adventure-filled yet safe trip to the back-roads and green lines and enjoy the thrill of family-friendly off-roading tours, globally.

Is Off-roading Dangerous?

If you are Off-roading in your car or rig it is not dangerous, usually. But then there are minor risks of rollovers, breakdowns, fires, crashes etc. but these can always be prevented.  Some of the primary safety tips that you should follow while Off-roading are:

  • Drive Slowly and Carefully
  • Come to the Trail Prepared
  • Learn Proper Driving Technique
  • Have the Right Parts in Your Vehicle
  • Do not venture when you are not sure

Off-roading may seem unpredictable and dangerous but it is not so. With the right precautions, good homework, alertness and when planned and conducted by expert off-roading adventure company, it is not dangerous.

What to Pack while Off-roading? Off-roading is strenuous so carry ample food and water. Ensure to take emergency rations, well-rounded medical kit, season and adventure specific clothing, prescription medication, flash lights, batteries and all that you think you will need. Most importantly, enjoy the thrill with all necessary precautions. Any newbie in the game is definitely curious about the essential tools to pack. Well, there are a handful of tools and accessories that you can carry to head out when stuck in the mud or snow.   More importantly, you should make sure your vehicle is fitted with the essential features such as a good winch and enough storage space.  Apart from this, some accessories that you should be carrying to keep yourself from getting stranded, includes a Recovery kit, working board, work light, onboard air compressor, off-road recovery device, off-road tire repair kit, a jump starter, basic hand tools, a good navigation system (GPS device) etc.

If you own a 4x4, you have the amazing machine for an off-roading adventure trip. Your understanding of 4x4s might confirm that they are built to comfortably handle highways, but these trucks also adept with ease once you are onto the dirt off the pavement. It is important for you to understand your vehicle & its capabilities; its traction control, its Low and High speeds referring to the gears, its torque, locking differentials and more. Understand the requirement of essentials such as tyres, bumpers, suspensions, winch, maxtrax etc. You also need to understand the types of terrains you will cover and how your machine will pass through them.  And last but not the least, always keep a recovery plan! Nonetheless, trust your off-roading adventure tour organizers. They know their job well.

Forever Fascinating Off-roading Zones across the Globe

Apparently, the biggest misinterpretation of “off-roading” is that one can just go out and drive wherever they want to. This is not true. Factually, all off-road adventure tours take place in special Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) areas and in designated roads or trails.  Our globe is full of adventurous trails, paths and OHV areas or zones that keep inviting off-roading enthusiasts time and again. Some of the most amazing zones of the USA include the Rubicon Trail – California, Moab – Utah, Johnson Valley – California, Mojave National Preserve – California, Superlift ORV – Arkansas, Ouray – Colorado, Ocala National Forest – Florida and Las Cruces - New Mexico. Similarly, the famous Off-roading zones of the UK include the zones of Forest of Dean, Perthshire Off-Road, Salisbury Plain – Wiltshire, LutonHoo Estate – Bedfordshire, Bala zone - Gwynedd, White cliff – Gloucestershire, Bealach Na Bà – Scotland, Suffolk Wild Tracks and others. Off-roading enthusiasts have time and again enjoyed the forever fascinating Off-roading zones of Australia such as the The Simpson Desert, The Wild West Coast of Tasmania, Cape York Peninsula & Fraser Island – Queensland, Victorian High Country, The Flinders Ranges – South Australia, Kimberley Region – Western Australia, Uluru – Northern Territory, Gibb River Road, Knotts Hill Loop, Holland Track and the famous Sandy Blight Junction. Nonetheless, the rustic 4X4 Off-roading zones of South Africa include Sani Pass (The gateway to Lesotho) – KwaZulu – Natal, Namaqua Eco-trail – Northern Cape, Quthing Valley Route – Lesotho, Day Kgalagadi – Polentswa, Wilderness Trail – Botswana side, Namib-Naukluft Trail – Namibia, Kirkhill Trail – eSwatini, Swaziland.

Off-roading Across India’s Vibrant terrains

Off-roading is all about endurance, resilience and strength and is truly enjoyed in strenuous conditions. It is the dust and heat of the desert, the hardships of traversing boulders or be it the chilling cold winds of the mountains that makes off-roading challenging and adventurous. India with its geographical diversities boasts of some great terrain for off-roading. Several Himalayan zones are perfect for adventure while being spectacular for the sight. Similarly other off-roading zones of India, which have been attracting enthusiasts from all over the globe include the Thar desert in Rajasthan, Nubra Valley in Ladakh, Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, Manali to ChandraTal and Kaza, Gir Forest National Park, Dunsandra in Kaglipur, Naliya Grassland, Rohru to Chanshal Pass Road Route, Khardung-la des de Leh, Khane - ?mbavna taillbalia, Bisle Ghats, Palar River Trails, Sach Pass- Pangi Valley and many more.

The zones are thrilling and plenty of adventure and fun but never compromise on safety and environment concerns. Prepare well and follow all safety aspects of off-roading.

Ecological Concerns

Off-roading, as it continues to grow in popularity it has become a matter of concern for environmental groups and many have taken action to curtail the activity. These groups put forth that ATVs and rigs lead to soil erosion, pollution, destruction of terrain and disrupt local habitats.  Also noises from these machines are creating unwanted behavioral changes in animals. So, as a responsible adventure enthusiast, you have to ensure that all negative effects and harm to the environment has to be minimized. Professional off-roading organizers are committed to environment safety and protection of the local ecosystem. They also play key roles in conservation activities.

As a professional off-roading adventure tour company, we at WOO Adventures are Responsible for the environment, clients and services. Be it an off-roading or any self driven expedition to explore the world, we are the best to trust!

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