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Being majorly prominent as the ‘self- blessed adventure capital of the world’, New Zealand is a land full of zeal and enthusiasm with stunning landscapes and affable population.

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Country Quick Facts


New Zealand is a country full of rugged mountains and exotic lakes having Auckland as its biggest city. It is situated in the south-western Pacific Ocean incorporating majorly two islands i.e. the North and the South island and some other smaller 600 islands. The distance between New Zealand and the southeast of Australia is no less 2,000 kilometres. Talking about the country’s closest neighbours to the north, Tonga and Fiji are the topmost in the list. The width of the country’s north-north-east axis range up to 400 kilometres and it being long and narrow in shape.

Area: 268,021 km²
Population: 4,754, 296, Capital: Wellington


The weather changes in New Zealand is really unexpected at times. It experiences four different seasons comprising of spring (September- November), summer (December- February), autumn (March-May) and winter (June- August). The warmest months of the year are January and February whereas the coldest month is July. The rainfall is experienced by the northern and central provinces at a really high rate during winter and lesser during summer. Whereas, the situation is totally vice-versa in the southern part of this country. Months starting from June till October experience traces of snowfall on the mountainous regions such as the Central Plateau.

People & Language

Commonly known as the New Zealanders, the people of this country are governed by a nationality law. They share a common culture and beliefs with their national language being the New Zealand English. English, M?ori and New Zealand Sign Language are some other local languages communicated here. The urban area of the Northern Island is the main hub of majority of its population. The Asians constitute 11.8% and the Non- Maori Pacific islanders constitute 7.4% of the country’s total population.


Time: New Zealand follows two time zones namely New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) and Chatham Island Standard Time (CIST). It is 19 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time.

Electricity: The renewable electricity generation in New Zealand is done by Wind, Geothermal and Hydroelectricity. Its standard voltage is 230/240 volts with the facilitation of two-three pin plugs. In case your country has a voltage between 220-240 volts, you can easily use your own electrical appliances here in New Zealand without any issues

Weight & Measurement: New Zealand makes use of the Metric system for weight and measurement.

Telecommunications: The copper-based networks are highly responsible for the facilitation of fixed-line broadband and telephone services. Apart from this, fibre based services are most commonly used here. The country provides varied mobile networks such as Spark, 2degrees and Vodafone. Other electronic communicators are available i.e. Television, Internet and Radio.


The New Zealand Dollar is the official currency in New Zealand that was introduced on 10th July, 1967. Being symbolised as ‘$’, it is also abbreviated as NZ$. Apart from this, the NZ$ can also be called as the Kiwi Dollar. The currency’s categorisation is done further into 100 cents and there are total five coins and five banknotes making up to 10 denominations of the same. 1 NZ$ equals to 0.67 US$ and 45.7832 INR. The regulation of the New Zealand currency is done by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. It is produced in the form of polymer with an intention of maintaining the note’s security against counterfeiting.

Top Attractions

Food and Drink

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Culture & Lifestyle

New Zealand is considered as one of the most beautiful countries in the world comprising of lush green, clean and a laidback surrounding. The New Zealanders are acknowledged for their warm and welcoming nature. The way they greet each and every newcomer in the country is just out of this world. The country’s culture is highly influenced by the Maori and Polynesian tradition. Out of the NZ’s total population, Maori people constitute about 14% of the population but their languages, culture and the way of living has been recognized by the people living here.

The Maori Kai Food festivals are a delight for all the foreign tourists as these mainly focus on the showcasing of whole of the local food available.

New Zealand is a hub of all religions and majorly every festival is celebrated here. The mostly followed religion here is Christianity followed by Hinduism at the second place with more than 89,900 followers. Australia’s and New Zealand’s culture are almost the same with negligible differences. The country carries no specific dress culture. Living in the urban areas and cities, one can just be relaxed by fitting in his/her jeans, tops, t-shirts or any other similar kind of outfit.

Here, comfort and practicality carry the utmost importance. Thus, this can be identified that the dresses that should be worn in this region depend totally upon the person’s needs and preferences.

Overlanding in Swaziland

New Zealand is a really gorgeous spot that is enormously packed with a bundle of ever-changing sceneries, clean and green environment and eminent lightings at night making the country look even more fascinating. A self-drive tour to such a place is definitely a smart choice for every roamer. The roads in your overland journeys will undoubtedly compel you to stop and rejoice their essence. Structure your travel just like the way you want with a handful assistance from the well-planned itineraries.

The road conditions in NZ during winters are quite fine as the snowfall does not affect the highways that much. Whereas, notifying about the shaded areas the conditions can be witnessed as being frosty and icy. Just be aware about the windy roads, weather extremes and road rules and in case you already know about it, Hurray! You’re closely ready for the self-drive.

The roads can be narrow, uneven, hilly or windy. There are no barriers in between any of the roads in New Zealand and are single lane in every direction. You need stay alert, go over and take ample number of breaks.

Urban Adventure in Swaziland


Situated in the Southern Island, Picton is a seaside gateway to all kinds of hiking and biking activities which are performed on the Queen Charlotte Track and kayaking on the Sounds’ 1,500 km of coastline. All activities which you shall obviously experience here are the wine tours, diving and the Coastal Pacific Railroad. Picton is also known as the ‘largest- wine growing’ region in NZ and thus, you can witness wine tours in and around Picton. This place is remarkably enjoyable for those who love being outdoors for some real-life adventures.


Due to it being filled with unique and life challenging adventures, the Queenstown is considered as the best spot to fill up your memories with adventures. The enjoyment opportunities here are countless and some of them include skydiving, bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, paragliding and ziplining. You will find bridges, mountains and lakes in this place and that makes it a hub of such mind-boggling activities. Reach atop the Kawarau Bridge and experience the thrill of the bungee jump from such a great height. As a traveller your journey for fun can satisfactorily start from the Queenstown without any hiccups in between. This place is best suited to be visited during summers i.e. from December to March in order to make your experience the warm days and the crispy nights. For the best dining opportunities, the Arrowtown is a one- stop solution in this regard.


And the title for the ‘Adventure capital of New Zealand’ goes to none other than Wanaka. Situated in the South Island, Wanaka is a home to an abundance of adventure offerings. It is primarily located on the lap of the Lake Wanaka and base of the Southern Alps. The good news for everyone here is that the adventure activities are available for all four seasons here. Witness the vibrant colours in spring and experience the excellent biking in summer. Ski through the Treble Cone, hike trails with the great vantage points, go fly-fishing with Wanaka to its varied beautiful water stretches, bike with the Clutha River “Outlet” Track and store millions of experiences gained from such a perfect and exotic place that serves as a true combination of beauty and badass.


Want to know an apt place for fishing? Paihia is the answer. Known by a nickname ‘winterless north’, it is a seaside town and is known as a start to all the trips belonging to the Far North. It is considered as the ‘adventure hub for the NZ’s Bay of Islands’ and thus has all the activities which are directly or indirectly related to oceans. Move across the bay of Islands through kayaking whose services are available here at reasonable rates. Apart from this, other super-amazing activities available here for you include fishing, cruising, diving and hiking. Estimating the probability of rain here, it came out to be approximately 2,000 mm of precipitation per year, thus rainfall is always considered as a key element during the facilitation of the adventurous activities here.

Fox Glacier

Your trip to New Zealand is a complete waste if you have not visited the “Glacier Country” on the West Coast of the South Island! The two biggest glaciers of the country are none other than the Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier. The town Fox Glacier (named after the biggest glacier) has been considered as a better place to live in in terms of its tasty food and a good kiwi vibe. There are varied adventure activities which you can perform here and they include Fox Glacier Hiking Trails, Guided glacier walks and a walking trail around the beautiful Lake Matheson. This place can be travelled any time of the year but late summer and winter are quite preferable. If you are aspiring to get good views, then you need to stay here for a couple of days.

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