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Globally apprehended as the ‘Land of Fire’ and a sheath to the Burning Mountain, Azerbaijan despite of being a teeny-weeny has an agglomeration of fascinating revelations expecting your glance.

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Country Quick Facts


Azerbaijan is being witnessed as a great assimilation of all types of landscapes starting from the wetlands, mountains and deserts to the most fertile valleys. It is clipped in the Eurasia’s Caucasus region. Talking about the lowest point, it is none other than the Caspian Sea whereas the highest point here is the Bazarduzu Dagi with an altitude of 14,656 ft. However, the high mountains are extended on the majority of its geography making Azerbaijan a mountain- dominated country.

Area: 86,600 km²
Population: 9,923,914
Capital: Baku


Azerbaijan’s climate is unequivocally diverse. It has been notified that out of the presently existing 11 climatic zones all across the globe, the country experiences 9 of them. The climate of Azerbaijan is highly influenced by some of the key factors which include temperature, humidity, cloud cover and also the evaporation rate. The plains in this nation experience the least winters, however talking on a whole, the winters here are quite cool but have not reached the frozen level yet. While, on the other hand the summers here are hot as well as sunny.

People & Language

The official language of Azerbaijan is the ‘Azerbaijani’ that is vocalized by approximately 13 million people residing here i.e. more than 92% of them. Apart from this, one might discover varied other minority languages used as a communicator here. English language is used by many people here and also, it is confirmed that this language is gradually increasing its practice in the country day by day. The population of Azerbaijan is recognized as ‘Azerbaijani’.


Time: The Standard Time followed in Azerbaijan is the ‘Azerbaijan Standard Time’.

Electricity: The Standard Voltage in Azerbaijan is 220 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. The type of power sockets used in this country are of Type C and F. In case the appliances from your country are not accepting the same standard voltage then you might have to use a convertor to facilitate their usage in this country.

Weight & Measurement: The Metric System is used in Azerbaijan for the purposes of weight and measurement.

Telecommunications: The three mobile operators which are extensively used in Azerbaijan are- Azercell, Bakcell and Azerfon. Internet usage is also observed by majority of the population and the mobile operators here are indulged in providing the 3G, 4G and the 2G services to their users.


The officially accepted currency in Azerbaijan is the ‘Azerbaijani manat’. It is circulated under the supervision of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan. A single Azerbaijani manat is equivalent to 100 gopik. The currency is available in the form of coins and the banknotes, and thus the coins are present in the denominations of ‎1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50 q?pik, whereas the banknotes exist in the denominations of ‎1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 manat. One can easily spot the ATMs accepting the International Cards but outside the capital city of Baku. However, common ATMs can be used in Baku too for the instant cash withdrawal in multiple denominations.

Top Attractions

Food and Drink

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Culture & Lifestyle

Azerbaijan is a hub of diverse culture and traditions and thus, one shall easily witness the variations in the same ranging from one region to another. It has been notified that the culture of this county has taken its majority of the influence from the varied neighbouring and relevant countries which comprise Central Asia, soviet and also Turkey. However, it is highly influenced by the Muslim communities and the nations.

As mentioned in the country’s social values and ethics, Family holds a great importance in Azerbaijan’s culture. Each and every family member strives to spend some time with his/her loved ones, relatives and also the parents whenever he/she gets some free time.

Shia Islam is being ardently followed by the Azerbaijanis that is recognized same as that of Iran, also some of them might be spotted calling themselves as the ‘Pro-Russian’. This is due to the great influence of the Russian culture on Azerbaijan.

The ‘tea drinking ritual’ is highly followed here and is considered to be one of the most sacred ones. But, the tea served in this country is not at all a common one. It is served without milk but pairs the best with the sugar cubes whose bite has to be consumed before moving further to the sip of your .

The country is undoubtedly super-amazing in hospitality and also, showing their kind gestures to anyone who visits the land of fire. Communication for any foreigner with the locales is quite easier here as majority of the population here is fluent in the English language.

Overlanding in Azerbaijan

Being considered as one of the untouched countries all across the globe, Azerbaijan is a country that has a dire need to be explored. It is a spectacular place with plentiful tourists’ destinations promising each and every visitor- ‘a satisfactory as well as a memorable trip.’

It is highly recommended for every visitor here to indulge in a ‘self-driver’ as nothing can be better than this! Drive through the most iconic Silk Road and grab some chances of being facilitated with a bundle of the rarest glances from the hidden treasures of Azerbaijan. Driving in Azerbaijan is a neutral affair. This means that some of the areas in this country have smooth and free roads while some are bumpy and ‘not-so-smooth’. Baku is known for having much traffic however, other parts might not be spotted with much traffic, thus you can drive easily here. Talking about the main intercity roads, they are generally observed in a satisfactory condition. One might witness no speeding signs on the roads, thus there is a great need for the drivers to drive with a limited speed. There are policemen available on every road, thus Drive safely!

Urban Adventure in Azerbaijan


Gobustan National Park

Being an inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, the Gobustan national Park is witnessing a visit of millions of visitors annually. The park is renowned for its ancient petroglyphs and thus during the tour around this heritage, you will come across an innovative historical information related to these petroglyphs. Each and every bit of the knowledge that the traveller shall attain from here is really going to last in their mind and heart for a lifetime that is for sure! Located in the Baku’s west-south, the park has always served as a delight to everyone’s travel experience in the serene country of Azerbaijan. This site must be present in your bucket list as it ensures a handful of memories for you and your travel mates.

Baku Tour

The whole tour of Baku comprises of fun and thrill that might extend for a whole day, starting right from early morning till late night. The nightlife of Baku is undoubtedly ‘worthy of a watch’ due to its carrying the characteristic of being vibrant and full of energy. Walk or drive past the parks, buildings from the bygone time and also the varied parks which will never fail to attract you towards their beauty and rustic nature. Apart from this, one can never miss out the scrumptious food from Baku in the abundant highly authentic eateries easily available here. You can start your day with an unforgettable visit to the Walled City also known as the Old Town and then move further to other most favoured spots in the city such as the Maiden Tower, mosques, Shirvanshahlar Palace and plenty others.

Absheron’s Beaches

Engross in the breathtaking views from the scenic and the picturesque beaches in Absheron. Since, the summers in Azerbaijan are too hot, one can visit this place during the later days of May and thus, can rush to the beaches of the Absheron Peninsula. Heading towards the beaches through your taxi or car can prove to be an ‘escaping from the heat’ moment for you. Well, the beaches might not look like the common ones, because they carry a distinct culture of their own. However, the serenity is the same. Sit peacefully on the seashore and witness the pristine sunset that looks really beautiful when it occurs. Spend some quality time with your travel mates while having some of the most winsome views of the beach.

Absheron National Park

If you are striving to have some glimpses of the perfect flora and fauna in Azerbaijan, then nothing can beat the protected land of the Absheron National Park that is extended across 783 hectares. Variety of wildlife can be witnessed here including different species such as the birds, badgers, jackals, gazelles etc. Everything here is so unique and special! The dry stepped land, the rhythmically swaying sand dunes and the movement of the grass in the wind are making the environment of this place ‘a perfect one’. The Caspian seals are also prominent here and thus, in case you are interested in the same, visit this place during September.

Garasu Volcano

There are approximately 350 muddy volcanoes in Azerbaijan that makes it a hub of a great number of muddy volcanoes all across the world. However, one of the best here is the Garasu Volcano that is known for spewing the mud for a height of more than 1,000 metres. Well, this one is going to be a really unique experience for every visitor here as this one has been proved as one of the rarest sights in other countries. Notice the different natural volcanic activities and see the eruptions happening.

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