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Indulge in the breathtaking views of the Burma’s ancient city with a pinch of fantastic beaches and an amazing taste of the Mohinga. Walk past this city while having a luscious sip of the sweet milky tea in Myanmar.

Country Quick Facts


Surrounded by the countries of China and India in the northern regions, Myanmar is comprised between Thailand and Bangladesh. Also known as Burma, this country is divided into two major parts named as the Upper Myanmar that consists of the country’s interior parts and the Lower Myanmar consisting of the dense forests with some of the trees carrying the major relevance such as the teak, timber and the oil-bearing ones.

Area: 675,000 sq. km
Population: 53,855,735
Capital: Naypyidaw


Despite of Myanmar experiencing two weather conditions considered as the ‘dry’ and ‘wet’, it is great to visit this country at any time of the year. The dry season of the nation happens between the October passing through May, whereas the wet season commences from May or June and concludes till the very starting of the October Month. It has also been witnessed that the climatic conditions in Myanmar are greatly affected by the type of the altitude, i.e. the temperature is lower in the mountainous and the high level regions, whereas it is higher in the lowlands.

People & Language

The officially accepted language in Myanmar is the ‘Burmese’ language that is used as a communicator by approximately more than 70% of Myanmar’s population. There exist more than 100 different languages and dialects here which comprises of the Shan, Karen, Karen and also the Mon. On the other hand, residents of Burma are renowned as the ‘Burmese’ and the country’s ethnic groups are known as the Burmans or the Bamars. Out of the total population here, 25% are residing in the urban areas and the remaining are present in the small villages.


Time: The ‘Myanmar Time’ time zone is followed in Myanmar and it is 13 hours and 30 minutes ahead of the Pacific Standard Time.

Electricity: Myanmar experiences a Standard Voltage of 230 Volts and a frequency of 50 Hz. The Pug Types facilitated for common use are carrying the Type C, D, F and G. However, one may find many hotels in the regions of Myanmar which can also provide you the 3 pin plugs of America.

Weight & Measurement: The Burmese Units of measurement are used in Myanmar for the purpose of weight and measurement.

Telecommunications: Myanmar has a fixed and thus a really limited number of fixed lines and also, the mobile usage in the country is really a dominant one. Varied telecommunication service providers in the country incorporate Sumitomo, Digicel, and Telenor Myanmar etc. The access code of 00 has to be dialled in order to make calls internationally from here.


The officially accepted currency in Myanmar is the ‘Burmese kyat’ symbolised as the ‘K’ that is available in the form of coins as well as the banknotes. The currency works under the supervision of the Central Bank of Myanmar having a subunit considered as the ‘pya’. Its banknotes are present in the denominations of K100, K50, K500, K5000, K5, K10, K20, K200, K1000, K10000 whereas the coins are present in the denominations of K5, K1, K10, K100, K50.Unlike their past scenario, ATMs now are made rapidly available in Myanmar and thus, it has now become easier for all the travellers to withdrawal the cash and that too in multiple denominations.

Top Attractions

Food and Drink

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Culture & Lifestyle

The culture of Myanmar dates back to the 1st century and is considered to a blend of the Buddhist as well as the Non-Buddhist beliefs, however, Buddhism’s followers are in abundance here. Majority of the Myanmar’s sculptures, monuments and the temples are established after being influenced by the Buddhist culture and traditions. Burma’s life comprises of a very decent standard of living with its major population witnessed as the one that is spiritually alive.

Burmese stands out to be the official language of Myanmar and consecutively English is also used as a communicator by a specific part of the country’s population but wholly by the elder folk and the people in the urban areas. It acts a lifeline to the residence of more than 100 national races which practice different languages and dialects, comprising the most important of all i.e. Rakhine, Kayin, Mon and Kayah etc. The local temple here is a home for education and also acts a spiritual hub for every individual community here.

While visiting any religious shrine, it is highly recommended for the person to wear neat and clean clothes as it wearing skirts and pants here is not at all considered a mark of respect and politeness. Before entering any kind of traditional hub, one should indulge in removing of his/her shoes.

Despite of the presence of Buddhism that is extensively followed in Myanmar, there is no restriction for any of the persons living here to follow any other religion such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Animism.

Overlanding in Myanmar

Being considered as one of the ‘trendiest self-drive attractions’ in the world, Myanmar is continually proving to be a heartthrob of millions each year. The best way to have some of the glimpses of this place’s hidden gems is none other than an unforgettable overlanding experience. The practice of self-drive has become so common in Myanmar that one might witness hundreds of tourists entering this place and that too not through plane or any other vehicle, but the self-driven car. India-Thailand Road Trip is now a great truth like never before! The good news here is that this road is undoubtedly an all-weather road that facilitates its riders with an exotic routes and lets them reach the destination with an experience of plenty of fun and thrill. However, on one hand, overlanding experience is considered to be an antique activity but on the other hand, it is not at all cheap. Since, you a traveller here and thus belong to a place outside Yangon, there is a great need for you to pay some amount on a per day basis.

The roads here are proved to be in a better condition as compared to the Cambodia or Vietnam. But, in some areas you shall come across a bad driving experience too. Talking about the traffic, it is much lighter here and thus, no problem will be faced by the driver in the pace of his/her vehicle during the journey.

Urban Adventure in Myanmar

Hot Air Balloon, Bagan City

Has Hot-Air Balloon Rides Been There On Your Bucket List? If Yes, Then This Surely A Perfect Spot For You. Myanmar Is Waiting For You To Experience Its Hot- Air Balloon Flights Giving A Chance To Have A View Of The Bagan City And That Too Like Never Before. This Hot-Air Balloon Package Is A 45- Minute’s Treat For Its Practitioners Enabling Them To Have A Bird-Eye View Of The Ravishing Ancient City Of Bagan During The Tenure Of The Breaking Of Dawn. Each And Every Landscape Consisted In This City Including The Mountains, Rugged Beauties And Also The Serene River Water Shall Also Keep You Engaged In Their Charm And Delight.

Diving, Ngapali Beach

Myanmar Has Kept Its Clear And Crystal River Water Ready To Be Experienced By Its Visitors. Even If You Are An Amateur In The Water Related Activities Or This Is Going To Be Your First Time, This Sport Can Then Also Be Enjoyed By You And That Too In A Most Thrilling Way. To Be True, The Areas Of Myanmar Are Really Unexplored As They Have Not Yet Managed To Carve Their Names Among The Top Water Related Sports In The World. Dive Underwater And Come Across The Beautiful Marine Life In The Waters Of The Ngapali Beach. Getting Close With The Tiny And Sweet Fishes Under Water, Isn’t It Interesting?

Nature, Pyin Oo Lwin

Spend A Peaceful And A Highly Relaxing Day At The Pyin Oo Lwin As This Place Is ‘Worthy Of Spending The Time With’. Established Right From Its Colonial Times, This Hub Is Really Colourful With The Filling Of Almost Each And Every Vibrant Colour. One Might Find That The Climate Here Is Pleasant And Also Cooler Than Rest Of The Regions In Myanmar. It Is A Home To Abundant Lovely Activities Starting Right From Breathing In The Fresh Air Of This Place, Taking A Tour Of The Coffee Plantations And Concluding It With A Fruitful Ride On The Horse Drawn Carriage. On Briefing, It Can Be Said That This Place Can Equivocally Prove To Be A Delight For Its Visitors.

Old School Train Ride, Yangon Circular Train

No, This Is Not Of The Kind You Are Thinking It To Be. Yes, Travelling Through Trains Is A Quite Common Activity Nowadays, But The Yangon Circular Train Ride Is Not Just A Casual Journey But Also Has Much More To Offer Than You Can’t Even Imagine. The Stations Which Will Be Coming In The Regular Intervals During This Incredible Journey Shall Leave You Awestruck With Their Artistic Look As They Carry A Vintage Theme With Them. Take Yourself Away From The Noise And Hustle And Bustle Of Cities In Myanmar And Witness A Sigh Of Relief While Hiving A Glance At The Scenic Views From Your Train’s Window. You Can Hop Off At Any Station Of Your Choice In Case You Need To Have A Closer View Of Any Of The Landscape Beauties Here.

Cycling, Yangon

The Back Roads Of Yangon Have Proved To Be A True Delight For Every Traveller Here And Especially For Those Who Are Indulged In The Activity Of ‘Cycling’. The Streets Are Full Of Serene Views, Markets, Temples Of Both Hindu And Chinese And Also The Majorly Renowned Pagodas. You Can Also Visit The Cultural Sites At This Place And Enjoy The Local Shopping Like Never Before. The Place Is Surely A ‘Must Try’ And This Is Very Unique Due To It A Great Opportunity For You To Appreciate The Beauty Of The Local Life. There Is No Fees To Enter Any Of The Sites Here, You Just Have To See This Place With Your Own Vision On Your Two Wheeler While Gathering A Bungle Of Memories.

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