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Master the techniques of Martial Arts in the ‘land of smiles’ expecting your valuable glimpses to its heartthrob beaches, exotic resorts and the largely scattered islands.

Country Quick Facts


Regarded as one of the finest countries in the Asian Continent, Thailand is situated in the centre of the Southeast Asia’s mainland. The nation comprises of a majority of the natural vegetation incorporating the forested hilly areas as well as the rice fields from the central plains. The Indochinese Peninsula’s western half is occupied by Thailand with this country’s size being the same as that of France. It works under the supervision of the Constitutional monarchy.

Area: 513,120 km²
Population: 69,183,173
Capital: Bangkok


The majority of the time in a whole year is witnessed as being humid and also a tropical one. The northern Part of Thailand experiences three distinct seasons whereas the peninsular region of Thailand has only two seasons. The climate of this place thus varies from one region to another. The country comes across the cool monsoon hailing from the northeast during the time period from November to February and thus, this is acknowledged as one of the best time for visiting this exotic place with a purpose of travelling majorly.

People & Language

Thailand has legally regarded ‘Thai’ as its official language and it is thus, spoken by more than 80 percent of the population. English is easily understood by majority of the population here that is mainly resided in the tourists’ areas and also some of the urban cities. Apart from this, varied smaller languages belonging to the southern China and northern Vietnam are also communicated here. People residing in Thailand are known as the ‘Thai people’ or the ‘Thais’. An ethnic group named as Tai is also present here which is the native to Southeast Asia.


Time: Thailand adheres to the Standard Time Zone of Indochina Time (ICT) that is 14 hours of the Pacific Standard Time

Electricity: The standard voltage in Thailand is 220 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. The Plugs here consist of two prong round or the flat sockets. If the electric appliance from your country cannot bear the voltage of Thailand, then there is a need for you to bring the voltage convertor.

Weight & Measurement: Thailand uses the Metric System for the purpose of weight and measurement.

Telecommunications: The telecommunication market of Thailand consists of a large number of cellular networks’ users as compared to the fixed lines and the broadband users. Apart from this, varied other communicators such as the radio, television and the Internet are also used extensively here.


The official currency of Thailand is none other than the ‘Thai baht’ that is symbolised as the ‘?’. It is accessible in the form of coins and the banknotes. The banknotes are present in the denominations of 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 baht, whereas the coins are available in the denominations of 1, 2, 5 and 10 baht, 25 and 50 satang. A single Baht is equivalent to 100 satang. In case there exists a dire need for you to get your money exchanged in Thailand, then you have to keep in mind the current exchange rates which might be sometimes too low and sometimes too high, totally depending upon the available banks there. ATMs are easily present in Thailand and you can thus facilitate the money withdrawal in multiple denominations.

Top Attractions

Food and Drink

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Culture & Lifestyle

Worldly acknowledged as the 50th largest country all across the globe, the culture of this place is highly blended with the Indian traditions and culture. This destination is without any single doubt, ‘a worthy of being visited’ place of South-East Asia. The ‘Land of Thousand Smiles’ is considered so due to its population that is a really hearty one and also has a sense of oneness amongst each other. They welcome every visitor with a wide smile on their face and thus has a keen knowledge of hospitality.

Mentioning about the religions ardently followed in Thailand, every religion here has its stem grown out from Buddhism principles. On the other hand, the Hinduism is also prominently provided much relevance here due to it being a great contributor to the Thai culture. The arts, creativity, music and also varied other things can be seen having many similarities due to it being closely linked with the Indian Culture.

Majority of the population in Thailand is following the basic principles of self-control, respect as well as the non-confrontational attitude. More than approximately 95% of the Thai people follow Buddhism and thus, the varied Buddhism principles play a key role in their daily activities.

Talking in a general sense, it is considered highly negative to express any kind of emotion in the public, thus irrespective of the level of temper or negativity in them, they just have to smile and talk in a friendly manner with everyone. Lastly, respecting the older ones and also the people in higher social positions is a mark of greatness here.

Overlanding in Thailand

Travel to your dream destination- Thailand and grab some of the most awaited opportunities for unfurling its hidden gems and some of the most unheard and untouched destinations with the help of an awesome ‘road trip’.

Proving to be a first and foremost choice for millions of tourists now, self-drive is always present there on everyone’s bucket list. Although, its cost is slightly higher than your other common means of travelling, but it is really sure that an overlanding trip that too in Thailand shall never leave you dissatisfied.

Thailand is a ravishing place and it stands necessary for you to facilitate and quick overlanding experience here in case you are looking forward to attain the most beautiful glimpses of even the smallest yet the prettiest things all along your journey’s routes. The prices of fuel in Thailand are similar to that in India thus, while indulging in self-drive, you must have a sure idea about how much cost your vehicle’s fuel carries.

Urban Adventure in Thailand

Deep Water Soloing, Tonsai and Railay

Once you indulge in this activity, it will feel like you are rock climbing on the steroids. Here, you need to scale the cliffs and peaks without making use of any kind of ropes, chalks or the anchor points. In order to climb and also coming down there exist two different ways which are not at all easy. This is a real adventurous activity to be true. Irrespective of the height you are in, whether 10 or 100 ft. you just have to jump into the water, thus, it is just you, water and the rocks together in a single place. You can use the rope ladders for a while but after then you will be just left with your own equipment at a considerable height.

White Water Rafting, Mae Taeng River

Not at all meant for the weak hearted persons as the fast waters here can scare anyone. If you have enough guts and want to have an experience of the amazing white water rafting in Thailand, then Mae Taeng River can prove to be a heartthrob for you. Engross your adventurous soul into the fast waters of this Wild River and experience the rocks and other obstacles on your way. No need to doubt on the safety things of this place as before getting on with the white water rafting activity, you are surely going to be equipped with a handful of safety belts, jackets and everything.


Scuba Diving, Khao Lak

This is recognized as one of the most popular water-sport activities in Thailand. If you are striving to complete your visit to this place by having an experience of all the adventures in this country, it can never get complete without experimenting on the Scuba Diving in the Khao Lak. It has a coastline of 2000 km and thus, while being underwater you can get some of the very rare glimpses of the coral, reefs, wrecks and also the caves. The scenes are very beautiful and breathtaking. The average temperature here remains at around 28 degrees and the water is crystal clear for you to have a ‘not-so-hazy’ view of the marine life.

Rock Climbing, Kio Lom Dam

Are you an adventure enthusiast and looking for some thrill? Well, Rock Climbing can be your cup of tea in this case then. Being counted in one of the dangerous activities of Thailand, Rock climbing is still managing to engrave its place among the top interests in the bucket list of the adventure seekers. This country has a bundle of the rock climbing activities rated as per the convenience and the age of their practitioners. Rock climbing will not only leave you with some satisfaction in case of some thrill or adventure but also in case of nature views. Once you are done with this activity, the point that you will reach will surely give you a scenic view of all the rugged mountains and also the low lying lands.

Kayaking, Mu Ko Ang Thong

Kayaking is one of the most thrilling activities in Thailand facilitating you with a crisp of joy, excitement as well as adventure. Here, you will witness a double experiencing of the kayaking as well as the inland touring. Explore the locales which were till now considered to be an untouched ones in the country while having an amazing experience of the Kayaking activity and the floating canoe. The activity is not at all responsible for harming the environment or causing any kind of pollution in the regions as it has eco-friendly services available for the occurrence of these activities.

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