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Quench your thirst for the sausages full of cheese and the drooling cakes while having a sight of the biggest classical music events hosted by this ravishing nation all over the world.

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Country Quick Facts


Austria, being located in the South- Central European region is considered to be a small and a majorly mountainous country. On comparing its size with other nations, it’s concluded that it has an area that is twice of Switzerland and smaller than that of the Maine. The country is surrounded by Switzerland to the west, Czech Republic and Germany to the North, Italy and Slovenia to the South and Hungary to the East. Austria’s north-south area carries a width of approximately 280 km.

Area: 83,879 sq. km
Population: 8,751,820
Capital: Vienna


Austria witnesses continental climate all throughout the year consisting of the cold winters and the sunny summers. During the wintertime, the temperature might go as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius and summertime experiences a temperature as high as 35 degrees Celsius in the month of August. The Austria’s Alps go through four different climates in their four different regions. The months from May to September will offer you a warm and pleasant summertime whereas on the other hand, weather during April and October is really unpredicted as it might be cold and rainy or warm and sunny during this tenure.

People & Language

Austria carries four official languages which include German, Slovenian, Hungarian and the Austrian German. However, generally Austria is considered to be a ‘German- speaking country’. English is not spoken by the locals here however, the present generation is indulged in speaking English and attaining its knowledge during their education period. Approximately 96.89% people here speak German and nearly 41% are able to communicate with each other in English.


Time: Presently, Austria follows the Central European Summer Time (CEST). It is nine hours ahead of the Pacific Standard Time

Electricity: Austria attains a standard voltage of 230 V and frequency of 50 Hz. It makes use of the type C and type F plug type having two round pins along with two earth pins on the side. Your device needs to be able to accept the 230 V of electricity and you can thus easily use that in Austria.

Weight & Measurement: The Metric System is used for weight and measurement in Austria.

Telecommunications: Telekom Austria and the cableco UPC Austria have dominated the Austria’s telecom market. The other modes of communication here are the television, internet, radio, and the telephone/mobile operating services. You will be having an easy and accessible facility of calling the rest of the world in Austria.


Austria’s official currency is Euro that is symbolised as ‘€’. Apart from this, it is widely accepted all over Europe too. Euro comes in the form of coins and the banknotes. The coins are available in the denominations of one cent, two cents, five cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, one Euro, two Euros whereas the notes’ denominations are five Euros, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500. The ATMs facilities are available for the people in Austria and they can easily take out cash of multiple denominations from these machines. One Euro is equivalent to 100 cents. If the Austrian Schillings are exchanged for Euro, this process can be undertaken at the Austrian National Bank.

Top Attractions

Food and Drink

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Culture & Lifestyle

The traditions and culture of Austria vary from region to region, also this beguiling nation carries a divine fusion of multifarious values and culture. Austria greets each and every person in a way no other country can. Its diversity can easily be witnessed through the division of the population on the basis of varied people and their ethics that includes 88.5% German, 10% immigrant groups and 1.5% other existing minorities. It is a hub of multiple languages & dialects incorporating German, Hochdeutsch, Croatian, and Hungarian & Slovak.

Austria is headed by the Government of the Federal Republic with each and every activity in the country being undertaken under their supervision.

People belonging to Austria are known to be quite conservative and carry many family values. Due to the sole reason of the migration problem, majority of the families residing in Austria are a small family. They love spending time with their family mates and go out every weekend for some outdoor activities. It is really common there to eat the dinner together with the family on a regular basis.

While being introduced to any Austrian belonging person, you might witness their prudent as well as moderate behaviour. Also, appearances really matter to them. Their looks during any of the events really matter. Apart from this, some time they also carry a formal dressing sense during the events which include theatres or even a concert.

Overlanding in Austria

However, Austria is a smaller country but it has a bundle of things to offer for your travelling. The smaller the country, the bigger time it takes to travel as it has a hub of arts, culture, traditions, scenic landscapes and picturesque tourist destinations. If you want to have a clear and crystal view of these splendid offerings, there is strongly a need for you to travel by car. Yes, self-drive is being talked about here! Taste the rich and the heavenly essence of the delicious cuisines from Austria, plan your own itineraries, sit as per your comfort and be your own guide.

Self- drive is for sure going to make your travel experience packed with fun-filled adventures. Also, it has always been mentioned by many backpackers that discovering the unheard spots and tales of such an alluring place has been the best experience by travelling through your own or the rented car. Self-drive trips are really intimidating, do everything and any time, the choice is all yours! Experience the most beautiful places at your leisure and preference.

Urban Adventure in Austria

Paragliding, Hopfgarten

Paragliding on the beautiful Hopfgarten has proved to one of the most fascinating ways of admiring the best views. It is situated at a height of 620 m above the sea level but you will be witnessing a greater height while being indulged in the Paragliding on the Tirol. No skills are needed to pursue this activity except the fast running that is mandatory for you during the take-off. However, in case you are not able to do the same there will be a tandem instructor assigned to you who is going to help you. Apart from this, he is also responsible for forming some of the amazing tricks and fun to your activities.

Bike Riding, Kitzbüheler Alpen

Fatbiking is the modest and an activity that is much in trend nowadays and you can experience this at a really apt place for the same i.e. the Kitzbüheler Alpen. Speed down a mountain through the ultimate thrill and fun from Fatbiking. A fat bike doesn’t have normal tyres instead it is facilitated with the over-sized tyres with an intention of moving over any kind of surface whether hardest or the smoothest. There is no need for you to wait for a perfect season in order to indulge in Fatbiking and thus you can enjoy this breath taking thrill at time around the whole year. This is really a new and an antique experience, each and every person visiting Austria must surely give this one a hit!

Horse riding, Alps

Majorly renowned as the most antique way of exploring the astonishing sceneries of Austria, horse riding in the Alps has proved to be a choice of millions of tourists visiting this place either with the purpose of nature seeking, adventure seeking or both. There is a wide variety of difficulty levels crafted for you, whether beginner, dressage, advanced or the most difficult level. The most interesting thing here is that, it is not only for the adults, kids can also have fun! Pony rides are made available for the kids visiting the Alps. You can have a week-long stay here in the marvellous accommodation places and learn the art of horse riding through a ‘six-lessons’ schedule during the whole week.

Canyoning, Kitzbühel

The Canyoning activity in the Kitzbühel region will give you an opportunity of examining the cracks and stones of this region. This activity is apt for the adventure seekers who are ready to experience some thrill filled activities. Here, you will be going to those places which are known as the ‘hard-to reach ones’, but can only be accessed through Canyoning and nothing else. Once, you are ready for the adventure here you will be given a team of experienced people belonging to Canyoning and they will surely ensure safety and other mandatory services for you with ‘fun’ being their first priority. The tour operator will be providing you each and every transport and the equipment needed by you and also, it is really noteworthy that the activities here are meant for adults and children who are aged 10 or more than 10 years.

White Water Rafting, Alpbachtal

If you have not even tried the White Water Rafting in the Alpbachtal, have you even completed your tour to Austria? Well, here the answer is a big NO, of course! This activity is one of the most demanded and practised activities in Austria carrying a major relevance in the adventure of this nation. So, wear your lifejacket and indulge in the fun of water rafting with the much needed assistance of the team and get down to the gorge while passing through the choppy waters that is really available in abundance.

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