Overlanding in Germany

Germany is an apt spot for each and every person from any nook and corner of the world, whether he/she is a shopaholic, business traveller, party animal or a bookworm. Come out and explore the glamorous night life of this place!

Country Quick Facts


Being considered as the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world, Germany’s territory commences from the North Sea and ends at the Alps in the South. It is officially acknowledged as the ‘Federal Republic of Germany’ and has also proved to be a heart-throb of millions of tourists from all over the world. Germany is all together made up of 16 constituent states and is known as a sovereign state in central-western Europe.

Area: 357,021 sq. km
Population: 82,293,457
Capital: Berlin

People & Language

Germany’s population of over 82 million makes it grab the title of the second most populous nation with Russia being on the top. Its people’s strength comprises as two- third by the Protestant, one-third by the Roman Catholic and the Jews are found in a minority over here. The Standard German is considered to be the official language of Germany with English and Dutch being spoken by selected number of people.


The official currency of Germany since 2002 is ‘Euro’ that is symbolised as “€”. There are eight varied denominations of Euro and they are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent, €1 and €2. Many architectural designs belonging to the history of Europe are featured on all the denominations of Euro. Talking about the cents, it was notified that there are 100 cents comprised in 1 Euro. You shall easily witness many ATMs in the regions of Germany, thus facilitating easy withdrawal for you that too with mixed denominations. For using the banks’ services, you can visit your bank’s branch between 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.


Germany experiences an unpredictable weather during the whole year. It is highly recommended for you to wear layers whenever you are here. The summers here are quite warm and the winters are comparatively mild. On the other hand, annual temperatures are witnessed at their highest point in the southwest regions of Germany. Majority of the Germany’s regions go through a temperate seasonal climate with frost occurring there with rare probabilities.


Time: Germany follows the Central European Time as its standard time zone. It is 9 hours ahead of the Pacific Standard Time.

Electricity: The Standard Voltage in Germany is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. The power sockets used in Germany are of Type F. In case your country experiences Standard Voltage somewhere between 220 V- 240 V, you can use your electrical appliances here

Weight & Measurement: The Metric System is used in Germany for weight and measurement.

Telecommunications: Majority of the Germany’s telecom market is influenced by the Vodafone Germany, O2, E- Plus and Telekom as they carry the largest number of users. In order to call someone staying in Germany, Code 49 has to be used.

Best Time To Travel In Germany

Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ... Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ... Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ... Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ...

Germany Weather Chart

RAIN (mm)

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Food & Drink

Apart from facilitating its tourists with the best economy and tourist destination, Germany is no less in providing exquisite and the delicious cuisines which vary according to its regions. Get engrossed in the aroma of the yummiest combination of spices in Germany and leave with a bundle of satisfaction. Even if it is a Street Food, the country ensures you a hygienic and purest form of eatables available in variety and abundance.

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Also known as the Swabian ravioli due to its rectangular/square shape. It is a pasta dough filled with meat and flavoured with pepper.

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Comes in different brands and is a mixture of orange soda and cola. Spezi is a favourite drink all over Germany.

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It carries a pickled and salted taste with an intention of being reserved even if there is no refrigerator. It is a roasted pork dish.

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Black Forest Cake

A cake prepared with a combination of cream, cherries, chocolate, flour and cherry schnapps. It can act as a dessert and also as a snack.

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Also recognized as Kaffee, the Germany’s coffee is something unique. It is available in 1,000 flavours with a careful selection of the coffee beans.

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It is a refreshment drink consumed mostly in summers. A combination of fruit juice and mineral water is what defines a Schorle.

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Considered to be the most favourite of the working class of people, it is a roll along with a bunch of fries or Currywurst.

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Wiener Schnitzel

It is made with a fusion of a meat covered with flour, breadcrumbs and eggs. Fries and Wiener schnitzel make a perfect combination.

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Rote grütze

Fruits like strawberries, cherries or raspberries are cooked in their juice along with corn flour and then served along with ice-cream.

Our Driving Adventures in Germany

Are you surely concerned equally about the journey too apart from the destination? In case your answer is a big YES, then self-drive trips are an apt decision for you. You can drive and that too endlessly with your own car and that too without even experiencing a single hustle in between.

Urban Adventures in Germany

Hiking in Bastei

Bastei is one of the majorly renowned rock formations all over the globe. It offers a unique view of all the mountains of Germany and also has no entry fee. You can get a glance of scenic hilly views from here and communicate with nature. The lush greenery and the volcanic cones add crystals to the immense beauty of this place. Apart from its exotic views, Bastei is a hub of some of the fun-filled adventurous activities such as hiking. Reaching the top of this place will give you the splendid panoramic views of the landscapes. However, if you want to visit the Felsenburg Neurathen, it will most probably charge an entry fee from you.

Surfing in Rügen

It is situated in the Baltic Sea and is considered as the biggest island in Germany. During summers, you will find these beaches really crowded with a good number of tourists. The beaches here have abundant adventure activities to offer such as the forest climbing, hot air balloon rides, cycling and surfing. Surfing is considered as one of the most unique activities provided by the Rugen Island. Not only this, you can also indulge in hiking activities here. Wear your hiking shoes and walk along and climb the chalk cliffs of Jasmund. On the other hand, wrecks off the coast can help you in diving activities in case you are interested in the same.

Ski in Zugspitze

Having a height of 2,962 meters above the sea level, Zugspitze is being notified as the highest mountain in Germany. Zugspitze has much more to offer than you are now imagining. It is a perfect mixture of fun, thrill, beauty and relief. With the scenic views of the mountains and the landscapes to the thrill and fun of the adventure activities at this place, you can fulfil all your cravings of adventure at Zugspitze. You can try out some perfect adventure activities here which incorporate Ski & winter sport, hiking and caving. Zugspitze consists of the site where the 1936 Olympics games were held, you can go there and enjoy skiing in the best snow of Germany with the most secure avalanches. Through the hiking trails you will be facilitated with the 360 degrees view of Germany that looks pretty amazing.

Adventurous walk in Berchtesgaden National Park

The Berchtesgaden National Park is a hub of greenery, relaxation, natural elements and fresh air. Communicate with the nature here and you will feel some real peace away from the noises of the cities. It has grabbed the title of a "biosphere reserve" by UNESCO in 1990. In case you are striving to get some adventure thrill, you can go out for a walk in the Berchtesgaden National Park and also hike to the available mountain tops. Get on the eco-friendly passenger boats and have a look at the Berchtesgaden's pristine lake, Königssee. The park is renowned for its sightseeing and the local speciality. Here you can attain a modern mining experience in the Berchtesgaden salt mine.

Water games in Wilhelmshöhe Palace and Park

Talking about the Europe’s largest mountain park, the Wilhelmshöhe Palace and Park has won the race. It landscapes consist of a palace, waterfalls and the fountain which undoubtedly add on to the beauty of this place. The park offers great opportunities for experiencing a variety of water games and the water shows here do not make use of any of the technical objects instead each and every occurring here is considered to be a natural one. Apart from this, it is an apt place for the Golf Lovers as you can play this game in the Golf Club Kassel with 18 tracks.

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