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Dance to the soulful rhythm of the Gypsy music and walk on the historical bridges during its peaceful evenings. Have some glimpses of Hungary that is really ‘worth a thorough visit’.

Featured Overland Adventures in Hungary

Country Quick Facts


Having its boundaries of around 2,106 km, Hungary is located in the Central part of the Europe and is considered as the ‘landlocked country’. The nation is enclosed by Austria to its west, Slovakia to its north whereas Slovenia and Croatia to the south. Its areas run for 250 km from north to south and simultaneously 524 km from east to west. It comprises of three geographic regions which include the Transdanubia, the North Hungarian Mountains and the Great Alföld.

Area: 93,030 km²
Population: 9,684,214
Capital: Budapest


Hungary has four distinct weather conditions- summer, winter, autumn and spring. The winters in Hungary are fairly cold, whereas the summertime is experienced as dry, making the weather here a typical European continental influenced climate. During summers, the temperature is witnessed ranging between 20-25°C with rare chances of going higher till 30 degrees having July as its warmest month. On the other hand, wintertime comes across a temperature below zero degrees having January as its coldest month. Rains pour more during the spring as compared to the summertime.

People & Language

The official language of Hungary is the ‘Hungarian’ that is used as a communicator by majority of the Hungary’s population. Some of the languages in minority exist too and they include Romanian, Croatian, German and Russian etc. Hungarian is considered to be the 13th most commonly spoken language in Europe being a mother tongue of over 13 million people. The language is used by the residents of other countries too and they are Ukraine, Czech Republic, Israel and Romania. The people of Hungary are known as the ‘Hungarians’ and also the Magyars.


Time: Hungary follows the Central European Summer Time that is 9 hours ahead of the Pacific Standard Time.

Electricity: The Standard Voltage in Hungary is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. The electrical plugs sockets used here are of Type C/F with 3 pins. In case your appliance has the same voltage carrying capacity, you can use your gadgets without any issues in Hungary.

Weight & Measurement: The Metric System is used by the Hungarians for weight and measurement.

Telecommunications: The T-Mobile, Telenor, and Vodafone are used majorly by the Hungary’s population for telecommunication services. The Internet facilities are available here which are provided by T-Home, GTS Hungary, UPC and Invitel. However, you can also get free Wi-Fi in the restaurants and hotels


The ‘Hungarian forint’ is the official currency of Hungary symbolised as ‘‎Ft’. It is present in the form of banknotes and coins. The denominations of the Hungarian forint’s banknotes are 500Ft, 1,000Ft, 2,000Ft, 5,000Ft, 10,000Ft and 20,000Ft whereas, coins are available in the denominations of 5Ft, 10Ft, 20Ft, 50Ft and 100Ft. This currency is regulated under the supervision of Hungarian National Bank. On comparing the currency with the Indian Rupee, it has been concluded that 1 Hungarian Forint is equivalent to 0.25 INR. Hungary contains the services for the withdrawal of the currency as well as other currency related facilities through an abundant availability of banks, ATMs and other similar hubs.

Top Attractions

Food and Drink

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Culture & Lifestyle

Hungary has a long history and is also known as the hub of varied traditions. Being considered as the ‘nation of horsemen’, it carries a huge history with the horses and as a result, horse riding and thus the horses are of a great relevance in the country’s present scenario too. It has been noticed that many ethnic groups of Hungary are not indulged in speaking the languages present in the minority here, thus the country is making diligent efforts in preserving these languages and other similar dialects.

The etiquettes of many Europeans as well as the Hungarians are similar in every kind as both of the regions’ normal greetings start with a ‘hand-shake’. During the business meetings, eye-contact has a major relevance with an intention of provoking each other’s trust.

The most followed religion here is the ‘Greek Catholic Christianity’ experiencing 52% of its ardent followers making Hungary a predominantly Christian nation. Other religions engraving their names in the Hungary’s history are Paganism, Judaism, Buddhism and the Islam. Talking about the atheists, they are present in approximately 18.2% among the whole of the nation’s population.

Presenting gifts to the friends, relatives or the loved ones is considered as a token of thanks in Hungary and these gifts can include fruits and flowers. No one is allowed to smoke in public buildings and towns, however this action is really popular in this country.

Overlanding in Hungary

After being proclaimed as the ‘Pearl of the Danube’, Hungary has a marvellous combination of scattered villages, towns and cities which are for sure “worthy of being looked upon” as they carry an added charm with their beauty. Starting right from its beautiful scenes of Sunrise, to its vibrant nightlife, you can have a view of each and every moment taking place in this ravishing nation.

The best way to explore the hidden treasures of Hungary is none other than a ‘self-drive’ that is nicknamed as the ‘fly-drive’ trip too. Experience the intoxicating view of Hungary’s villages witnessing their paths surrounded by the lush green environment engendering a comfortable and a satisfactory self-drive trip. Some of the highly recommended trips to the cities here are the Debrecen, Szeged and Pecs and definitely are not meant to be missed.

Gain complete freedom through the overlanding trips with your travel mates carrying adventure and that too in abundance, gazing at the varied sights Hungary has to offer and that too at your own place as per your needs and preferences.

Urban Adventure in Hungary

Diving, Molnár János Cave

If You Are Literally Striving To Gain The Beauteous View Of The Country And That Too From Above, Then This Is The Apt Adventure For You. Even If You Are Present In The City Even Just For Some Fun And Leisure, Your Trip Is Truly Incomplete Without Coming Across The Thrill That One Can Gain Through Budapest. Diving Is One Of The Most Adventurous Activities Offered All Across The World. In Case You Are A Cave Diver, And Seeking For Some Thrill, Then The Danube River And The Molnár János Cave Are An Apt Choice. However, To Dive Underwater, You Shall Be Needing A Proper Certification Here That Means It Is Seeking For You To Be A Skilled One To Practice This Activity.

Canyoning, Rám Szakadék

Looking For Canyoning But Every Place Seems Risky? Well Rám Szakadék Should Be Your First Choice Then! With The Help Of Ladders And Chains, Participate In Some Of The Finest Canyon Climbing Activities Offered To You By The Rám Szakadék Also Known As The Rám Canyon. It Can Be Said That Canyoning Here Is Better If This One Is A Starting For You, Else, If You Are An Expert Canyoner Then It Might Be A Small Activity For You. Thus, Being A ‘Not-So-Professional’ In The Same Shall Help You Enjoy And Spend A Full Day While Canyoning In The Budapest With Your Utmost Interest Here.

Kayaking, Danube

Not Exactly White Water Rafting, But You Shall Surely Be Facilitated With Some Of The ‘Very Useful’ Physical Exercises On Water With Some Of The Prettiest Glimpses Of The Scenery. Also, You Can Have A Silent Walk Along The Danube Which Can Undoubtedly Prove To Be A Peaceful And A Relieving One. Other Kayaking And The Canyoning Tours Can Be Witnessed On The Outskirts Of The City Along With Some Of Them Being Available In The Danube. While You Are In The Budapest, The Danube Is Really A ‘Worthy Of Being Experienced’ Site That Is Going To Fill Up Your Vacations With Full As Well As Unlimited Adventure.

Caving, Buda Hills

Budapest Is A Home To About 200 Caves, Formed By The Thermal Water Coursing Deep Under The City. The City Of Spas Has Much More To Offer Than You Can Even Imagine. You Can See And Visit These Caves In Case You Are Here Just For The Purpose Of Enjoyment And Not Much Thrill. But In Case, You Are Seeking Some Of The Hardest And The ‘Thrill Filled’ Adventures In The Buda’s Caves, Mátyáshegy Caves Offer Varied Opportunities For The Same. Go Deep Under The City, Wriggle Down The Dirty Ways And Go Past The Caves With A Handful Of Excitement With You. Caving In The Buda Hills Has Proved To Be One Of The Most Engaging Underground Trips Ever.

Horse Riding, Rádiháza

Rádiháza Is A Region Situated In The Zala’s Southern Region And Is Covered With Immense Beauty Of The Lush Green Environment. You Can Witness The Beauty Of Its Farms With The Help Of A Horse Riding Experience That Will For Sure Prove To Be The Most Engaging Way Of Exploring The Varied Parts Of This Country. You Shall Find The Riding School There Which Is Indulged In Providing You Best Riding Experiences Meant For A Full- Day Tour. Through These Activities, You Can Roam Cross Country By Varied Horse Rides And Both, Short As Well As The Large Excursions Are Available And The Whole Choice Is Yours! The Place Works According To Your Comfort. If You Are Not Fine Sitting On The Horse’s Saddle, You Can Also Get A Drive On The Horse Drawn Carts.

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