Overlanding in Italy

Lean in the attractiveness of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the birth land of the eminent Leonardo Da Vinci with a taste of an abundant variety from the small rounded Pastas to the big rounded Pizzas.

Country Quick Facts


Italy is a country surrounded by the Adriatic Sea on the East, the Tyrrhenian Sea on the West, the Ionian Sea on the South and surrounded by France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia on the North with its location in the southern Europe. It is also nicknamed as ‘the boot’ due to its mainland resembling the shape of a boot and Puglia region known as the heel of the boot" and Calabria region as the "toe of the boot."

Area: 301,338 km²
Population: 59,290,969
Capital: Rome

People & Language

Italy is a hub of 34 spoken languages and dialects having ‘Standard Italian’ as its official language. On dividing the majorly spoken languages in this country on the basis of their communicators, Italian is used by 97.41%, English by 13.74% whereas French is spoken by 8.46%. Italy’s 88% of the population is an ardent follower of the Roman Catholic Church but not even half of these are active in this religion.


The official currency of Italy is ‘Euro’ that is symbolised as (€). One Euro is equivalent to 100 cents and the existing banknotes of the same are €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500. On comparing this currency with the INR, I Euro is equivalent to 79.90 INR. You will witness local ATMs in the different regions of Italy with the cash of multiple dimensions available. The Italian banks are available for its consumers from Monday to Friday, timings being 8 or 9 A.M. to Noon or 1 P.M. and from 3 to 6 or 7 P.M. Every Euro coin and the note is accepted within the zones of Europe irrespective of its issuing nation.


Italy goes through a Mediterranean climate, reason being its hot & dry summers and cool & wet winters. However, these weather conditions vary from region to region. The Northern areas of Italy experience frequent thunderstorms and the country’s Mediterranean climate also witnesses varied variations. The summertime here ranges somewhere between 28-33°C and the wintertime has a range between 11–14 °C generally and sometimes less than 6 degrees too. Light clothes are recommended here during summers and warm clothes are recommended during the winters.


Time: The Central European Summer Time (CEST) is followed in Italy and is 9 hours ahead of the Pacific Standard Time.

Electricity: The Standard Voltage in Italy is 230 V with a frequency of 50 Hz. The plug sockets here consist of 2-3 round pins. If your country’s Standard Voltage ranges between 220V- 240V, then you can make use of your electrical appliances here without suffering any issues

Weight & Measurement: Italy uses the Metric System for weight and measurement.

Telecommunications: The majorly used telecom services used in Italy include TIM, Vodafone, Wind, H3G etc. with TIM having the highest market share and being the most dominant one. Varied facilities for making international calls are provided here without any stoppage.

Best Time To Travel In Italy

Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ... Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ... Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ... Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ...

Italy Weather Chart

RAIN (mm)

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Food & Drink

Whenever discussed about Italy’s cuisine, the basic things which strike our mind are the Pizzas and the Pastas. But, this is not even the 1/3 of what Italy has to offer. With its cuisines being extraordinarily regional, its list is totally endless that can never be described in a collection of some words. Indulge in the drooling essence of Italian food and experience its fulfilling delightful taste like never before!

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It is pasta noodles which are flat and baked in the form of layers. Lasagna is made up of cheese, tomato, and béchamel sauce.

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Ribollita is a soup containing meat that has replaced the bread. It includes the taste of the harvest vegetables

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A meaty masterpiece consisting of many variations and made with a combination of meat stock, white wine, and veggies.

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One of the most expensive foods in Italy. You might find these sprinkled as toppings on the Italian Pastas

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Not same as an ice-cream. You can have 1-2 scoops of Gelato daily majorly during summers.

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It is an Italian Rice Dish whose many variations contain butter, wine, onion, and parmesan cheese

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Arancini balls

This is an Italian snack after a combination of a ball of rice, egg and tomatoes.

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It is one of the majorly consumed drinks in Italy. Negroni is prepared with Vermouth Russo, Bitter Campari and the Dry Gin.

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Gin and It

This drink is served perfectly with a red cherry. It is made by mixing 3/10 Vermouth Rosso and 7/10 Gin.

Our Driving Adventures in Italy

Are you surely concerned equally about the journey too apart from the destination? In case your answer is a big YES, then self-drive trips are an apt decision for you. You can drive and that too endlessly with your own car and that too without even experiencing a single hustle in between.

Urban Adventures in Italy

Explore Rome on wheels

Travelling the whole Rome and that too through biking is one of the most commendable ways to travel and also a perfect combination of fun and adventure. You can spend as much time as you want in a place of your choice and roam as you want. Being considered as an apt place of History and city, it is ready to amuse you with its perfection. Ride along the Colosseum, grab unlimited memories and you will for sure have a satisfactory trip. If you have your own bike, its great and if not then you can rent one from Rome itself as it contains many Bike rental places and Biking tours.

Piedmont’s Heli Skiing

Well, Heli Skiing is a unique adventure activity as many might not have heard about it. Thus, experiencing this in case you are in Piedmont is highly recommended. It’s something new and the most exciting of all. Ski in Valle Stura that is referred to as one of the most beautiful valleys in Piedmont across the European Alps and grab a super-amazing experience. This sounds really exciting that you’ll be having an experience of the pure sensation of powder skiing in the middle of nature. You’ll be flying in a helicopter and dropped off from there on the powdered snow in the Piedmont, not to worry you will be facilitated with all the safest instruments attached with you during that activity.

Paragliding in the Italy’s Valleys

Castelluccio situated in the Umbria is widely acknowledged as one the places consisting of the very beautiful and vibrant colours’ filled valleys. You will have an unforgettable experience while paragliding in such an alluring places providing you the best scenic views possible. If you are striving to get a gorgeous view of the blooming flowers, it is highly preferable to visit this region from late May to early June. Just imagine, how amazing it would have been for the adventurers to witness the colourful scenes while pursuing a highly adventurous activity. Never miss any chance to visit this region if you are available in Italy.

Naples’s Kayaking activity

Many people are stuck in a myth of Naples being an odd city but it is certainly not. Visit Naples and get a chance to explore the Procida Island from where you can move towards the Capri. The splendid coastlines of Naples offers some unique views and a new line for Kayaking and other activities as well. Also, Naples is a home to the marvellous rock formation Faraglioni di Capri and its breathtaking view will leave you awestruck. Indulge in the open water Kayaking and the scenes of the caves present there and get the fun you might have never experienced anywhere before. Apart from this, Italy has many other coastlines offering kayaking services to its services you can also give them a try once Naples’s activities are done!

Dolomites’s Hiking

You cannot miss a chance of visiting the Dolomites whenever you are in Italy. Endless adventure opportunities here make this place worthy of being ‘re-visited’. All of the mountains here are a home to abundant adventure activities which include snowboarding, kayaking, hiking, skiing, parasailing and even biking. Hiking is as per your choice. Varied number of trails are available for the adventure seekers here and they can choose any. Also, you can decide on whether you want to hike by self else you shall be provided with a guide for the same. You will really get dumbfounded by the beauty which you will experience during hiking. Thus, it is a treat for everyone whether you are a nature lover or an adventure lover or a mixture of both.

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