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Startling the visitors with its super-delicious Moldavian stew, fried pork and the spicy pickles and its beguiling scenes across the Black Sea, Romania commendably places itself among the mostly visited places across the globe.

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Country Quick Facts


Based on the area over which it is extended, Romania is included among the largest countries of the world on the 12th rank. Situated in the South eastern part of Europe, the country is divided into two halves from North to South by the Carpathian Mountains. The plains of Moldavia and Walachia are located on the south and east of this country. The area of Romania is a little bit smaller than that of the Oregon.

Area: 238,397 sq. km
Population: 19,580,634
Capital: Bucharest


The weather of Romania is majorly classified into four seasons which include spring, summer, winter and the autumn. The climate here is a temperate one. During the summertime, the sunny days are quite extended and warm too having July and August as the hottest months. However, the mountains always experience a cool weather during the summers too. During the wintertime, there are usual chances of snowfall throughout this time mainly during December to March. Autumns here are cool and the springs are pleasant with cold mornings and warm night.

People & Language

The official language carried countrywide here is the ‘Romanian’. However, apart from the official one, other varied languages are also communicated which include German, Russian, Hungarian, and Serbian etc. People living in Romania are considered as the ‘Romani’. Presently, there are 89.4% people in Romania who are indulged in the usage of ‘Romanian’ as their language and the remaining speak other available languages in minorities.


Time: Romania follows the Eastern European Summer Time and is 10 hours ahead of the Pacific Standard Time.

Electricity: The Standard Voltage of Romania is 230V and its frequency is 50 Hz. The dual round-pronged plugs are used in this country and the non-European appliances are surely going to need a plug adaptor to use them here without any kind of hassle.

Weight & Measurement: Romania makes use of the ‘Metric System’ for weight and measurement.

Telecommunications: More than half of the Romania’s population uses the Internet for the purpose of daily communication. The country has good facilities of Wi-Fi and the data plans and can be used free of charge sometimes too.


The official currency of Romania is the ‘Romanian New leu’ that is symbolised as ‘L’. Regulated by the National Bank of Romania, the currency is available in the form of the banknotes as well as the coins. The varied denominations available in the banknotes are 1 leu 5, 10, 50, 100, 200 and 500 lei whereas, the coins are available in the denominations of 1 ban, 5, 10 and 50 bani. On comparing the ‘Romanian leu’ with the ‘INR’, it is confirmed that 1 Romanian New Leu is equivalent to 17.42 Indian Rupee and is subdivided into 100 bani. Romania has a good number of ATMs available for your money withdrawal services.

Top Attractions

Food and Drink

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Culture & Lifestyle

Romania carries a distinct culture and as notified many of its traditions and cuisines are inspired by its neighbouring nations. However, this beguiling country is unique in its own ways. The Romanians are known as being really hospitable and thus, they are good to talk to.

Out of its total population, 89% are the Romanians whereas 6.5% are the Hungarian, 0.2% Turkish and 0.2% German. The capital city of Romania is experiencing majority of its population being the Roma people.

In order to greet the people belonging to Romania, formal handshake with an eye contact is perfect. However, hugs can only be facilitated among the relatives and parents. Talking about Socialising, majority of the population here tends to be carrying a friendly nature, honest and open about themselves. At first you will realise that they are too shy, but when they mix up that friendship really lasts forever.

Romania believes in orthodox talks. They are very superstitious just because they were largely in touch with the local Slavic population. The rural areas are a hub of myths and circulations which are circulated commonly in those regions.

Christmas and other mid-winter celebrations are really common in this country, and thus they commence from the 20th December and last till 7th January.

The majorly followed religion in Romania is none other than the ‘Orthodox Christianity’ having 81% of followers and also, Islam has been identified as one of the most devotedly followed religions here.

Overlanding in Romania

In case you are a roamer and want to get your adventurous spirits rolling, you can choose for the magnificent road trips in this case. A fly drive trip is a must for you if you are still striving to have some fun along with a handful of adventures during your trip.

Discussing about the lovely nation of Romania, the travellers are really excited to explore its places and thus are inclined towards self-drive techniques rather than travelling through buses or planes as the trip carries a relevance of its own. Trips are really interesting when they are planned with your loved ones and they are even more interesting when you are indulged in overlanding for this one.

Engross yourself in the divine beauty of the highlights that Romania has to offer. Pass through the highly artistic painted churches in the Southern Bucovina with a perfect ambience of its greatest artistic monuments and also the unforgettable Bran Castle.

However, if you are a nervous driver, then Romanian roads are not meant for you due to their condition. The roads here are notified to be quite challenging ones and thus, there is a need for you to drive safely here with large number of precautions.

Urban Adventure in Romania

Bear Watching, Brasov

Get an opportunity of seeing the varied small groups of brown bears and witness their actions. This is a 3 hour tour where you will see not only the bears but also other species included in wildlife such as the deer, lynx, and wild boar among various others. You shall have an introduction with your guide during the sunset and he will then let you travel this beautiful place with a plethora of information on the same. Bear watching here has to done very cautiously. You don’t have to make any kind of noise while having a glance at their actions. Search a place to hide, stand/sit quietly and see the animals inhabiting in the wild.

Trekking, Bucegi Mountains

The Bucegi Mountains are a true charm for each and every traveller present in this country and looking for some thrill. It is considered as an ‘unspoiled scenery of Romania’ and thus, offers you scenic landscapes’ views and that too in abundance. Trekking is a great way of having a look at the bright scenes it comprises of, but, to be true trekking is not enough. This is because not only the mountains are present here but also the Bran castle that is the nearest location from the Bucegi Mountains. Apart from this, you can also pass through the Padina Valley to Bram Castle.

Nature Seeing, Bucharest

Proving to be a ‘soothe to your appetite’, Bucharest has a plethora of things made just for your satisfaction. Climb and reach the topmost point of the mountains of Romania and grab an apt opportunity of admiring the great wonders of nature and simultaneously visiting the best tourists’ destinations in Romania. This is a really peaceful as well as the most adventurous way of exploring the beauty of any place. Discover the alluring delight of the Carpathians as well as the Sinaia’s areas. Also, you can also have a look at the popular caves, ancient lakes and the beautiful villages. This trip is fine for everyone especially for the kids too.

Hiking And Caving, Apuseni Nature Park

Spend your nights in the wild away from the hustle and bustle of the overly crowded cities in the Apuseni Nature Park. The Western Carpathians has kept three of its caves reserved for the travellers’ visit and thus you can indulge in the art of caving at these places. Sleep under the night sky full of stars with the sounds of the wild species reaching your ears. This place is nothing more than a pure delight to majority of the adventure seekers. Apart from caving, you can fill up your time with the ‘much needed’ hiking trails and experiencing even the unheard places in this region. Here you can choose the kind of adventure that suits you the best along with your difficulty levels.

Rock Climbing, Zarnesti Gorges

The Zarnesti Gorges are a perfect place not only for the adventure seekers but also the nature lovers. Engross yourself in the epic Rock Climbing adventure on the Zarnesti Gorges along with an epic view of the elegant sceneries it is awaiting your glimpses for. This tour is a full day tour from the Bucharest and has a tenure of 12 hours. Apart from this, it is the home to the largest bear reserve in the world and thus, once you are done with your adventurous activities you can indulge yourself in the sights of the bear reserve. You are undoubtedly going to grab some of the ever lasting memories from here and this trip will surely make you feel like visiting it again and again.

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