Overlanding in USA

This is the mightiest nation on the face of the Earth and the class it offers is without a parallel. The areas are vast, adventures are big and the glory is sky high! A spectacular place to satisfy your wanderlust!

Country Quick Facts


USA or the United States of America is a Federal Republic, comprising of 50 states. Additionally, there is one federal district, 5 self governing territories and one of the biggest landmasses in the World. USA is responsible for some of the biggest revolutions in the entire World. The USA covers a massive part of the continent with Canada sharing the Northern America with it. USA’s motto “In God we trust” is a highly celebrated slogan throughout the World and the choice of USA is unarguably the choice of the World.

Area: 9,833,520 sq. km
Population: 325,719,178
Capital: Washington D.C

People & Language

As a global magnet for people, USA has received much in the form of people. Currently, more than 350 languages are being spoken within the US. The most commonly used language is English, which is also the National language of the United States. USA has not got any official language. However, 32 out of the 50 of the USA’s constituent states declare English to be their official language. There are speakers of English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog etc. speakers in a population of millions in the US. Indeed, US preserves a lot of languages and people within its boundaries.


United States Dollar, symbolized as “$” is the currency of the United States of America. This currency has the denominations of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 in paper currency whereas the coins have got 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢ and $1.

The monetary value of the currency of the US is one of the strongest in the World and Dollar forms the backbone as a foreign currency of exchange. All of the stock markets around the World use dollar as a medium of exchange. Furthermore, this currency is easily convertible into any other currency in the World because of its high value.


Because of the fact that USA is a continental country, the conditions of the weather are very much varied.

The summers in the USA’s southern states are generally hot with humidity, while the southwest remains hot with a dry spell. The states of California and Florida face endless heat. On the other hand, the states of Pacific Northwest and New England have warm summers with cool mornings and pleasant evening conditions.


Time: There are six time zones that are currently operational in the USA. These time zones are Hawaii, Alaska, Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern on a west to east orientation.

Electricity: The standard voltage in US is 120V. The laws state that the nominal voltage in the country must not exceed from 120V and therefore allow a range of 114V to 126V to be operated conveniently.

Weight & Measurement: USA uses the Metric System to determine the measurements of all the quantities.

Telecommunications: USA is one of the most evolved countries in terms of telecommunications. Just like any other country, this country uses the radio, television, fixed telephones, cellular mobile phones and the internet for telecommunication. This system is flawless in terms of the speed and efficiency.

Best Time To Travel In USA

Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ... Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ... Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ... Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ...

USA Weather Chart

RAIN (mm)

Top Places to Explore

  • spiti-valley
  • manali
  • nubra-valley
  • Pangong
  • udaipur
  • satpura
  • goa
  • pahalgam
  • kanyakumari
  • dhanushkodi
  • puducherry
  • hampi
  • vizag
  • osian
  • Rann of Kutchh
  • agra
  • chandigarh
  • Kevadia
  • cherrapunji
  • kaziranga

Food & Drink

Frequent eating is just the American way to stay healthy and powerful. Now, with the advent of specialized chefs and cuisines from all across the World, there is not much left for the Americans to experience new tastes. People from throughout the World come to USA, and therefore, it has experienced all of the tastes from all of the countries.

Nevertheless, there are some foods that this country is known to possess as its own. Most of them might not be healthy as they might seem but these foods do define USA. Here are some food items that USA proudly claims as its own:


Comprising of a grounded meat patty that is a cooked one and is sandwiched between the slices of toast.

Fried Chicken

The chicken pieces are rolled in flour after being mixed in salt, pepper as well as paprika


In Barbecue, food either veg or the non-veg is cooked in a utensil placed on an open fire.

Reuben Sandwich

Containing the corned beef, this hot sandwich once grilled is placed in the middle of rye bread


A cheesecake is served in the form of a sweet dessert and comprises of two to three layers.

Key Lime Pie

This dessert consists of egg yolks, lime juice and also the condensed milk.

Apple Pie

As the name suggests, an Apple Pie is a pie that contains Apple acting as its main filling with the ice-cream as the topping.

Jelly Belly Soda

A carbonated drink containing the small sized beans of the multi-colored sweets and also the flavors carrying a natural color.


A whisky’s New Orleans variation, Sazerac is a fusion of sugar, rye whiskey and also the absinthe.

Our Driving Adventures in USA

Are you surely concerned equally about the journey too apart from the destination? In case your answer is a big YES, then self-drive trips are an apt decision for you. You can drive and that too endlessly with your own car and that too without even experiencing a single hustle in between.

Urban Adventures in USA

Kennedy Space Center

Call this place the home for beautiful toys that could take you to Mars! The Kennedy Space Center has the excellent space exploration exhibit that could actually lead you to the awaiting new horizons!

The Kennedy Space Station has a lot of geeky knowledge, awe-inspiring spaceships and a thrill that will send shocks down your spine. This place tells you about the past of the USA’s progress in space, the present as well as the future that beholds newer technologies and equipment. There are replicas of the World renowned space rockets, astronauts’ hall of fame and even the Fuselage of a spacecraft that did 33 missions in the space!

Saguaro National Park

Remember the southwest movies where a Sheriff meets a rodeo cowboy? The Saguaro National Park or the Saguaros, is the same place that will invoke the inner rodeo of you (or the Sheriff!). There are majestic cactuses here, with lots of bushes wandering here and there to make the perfect showdown scene that you were so thrilled to see in the Hollywood movies. The entire scenery is appealing to the eyes, and more aesthetically pleasurable as we have seen such sceneries a thousand times in our favorite shows, cartoons, movies or games.

The Saguaros are distributed into two sections. There’s the eastern unit and the western unit. Both of the sections contain trails and desert flora. Visiting this place is highly recommended as this is the kind of land where America grew up.

Central Park

This is one of the World’s most renowned green spaces. This classy park has got 843 Acres of land that are totally dedicated to the meadows, outcroppings, walkways and the gardens. In addition to these, there are the lakes and reservoirs so that the greenery and the water keep flowing together as they always have! Here thousands of people come to relax and enjoy the sheer beauty of the park.

Another fascinating thing about the park is the view of the skyline it provides from its grounds. It is not an unknown fact that Manhattan’s skyscrapers literally scrape the skies. So, if you are into watching these majestic buildings then the Central Park is totally the place you should go to. In addition to that, there are eateries in this park, and a zoo that could light up your children’s day with ease!

Mendenhall Glacier

Juneau is a very beautiful place. And, a very important factor that contributes into the beauty of this place is the Mendenhall Glacier. According to the natural scientists, the Mendenhall glaciers will retreat onto the land in some time. Therefore, these glaciers are not around for long. In a period of 25 years, we might have lost all of these glowing marvels!

The sunny days are somewhat warm, beautiful and clear when the light falls upon the mountains which are blanketed by snow in the background. This gives a very great way of sightseeing the American mountains as you wander around the blue marvels of these lands.

Ellis Island

Talk about the culture of USA and how it was made. You will soon realize that the immigrants did a lot of hard work to take USA to where it is today. And then, you will think of going to the Ellis Island! This is a station that accommodated over 12 million immigrants during 1892 and 1924. This immigration museum delivers the tribute to those people as they laid the base for a stronger America.

There are logs from the historians, thinkers and even the immigrants themselves that are stored here. There are personal objects, documents and photographs etc. to depict the life of an immigrant in the lands of USA at those times. If you are thinking of going to a museum that is worthy of visiting, do consider this museum first. And yes! Book the tickets online or you’ll spend an eternity in the ticket queue.

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