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Home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World- Christ the Redeemer, Brazil is unequivocally a super-excited Carnival celebrator and also a sheath to the world’s largest beach Praia do Cassino Beach.

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Country Quick Facts


Officially acknowledged as the Federative Republic of Brazil, this South American country is serving as a habitat to the Amazon rainforests as well as the world’s largest system i.e. the Amazon River Basin. Brazil is known to be covering the continent’s half of the area and thus is the world’s fifth largest country. As notified, the country’s 60% of the region has hopped off in the tropics.

Area: 8.516 million km²
Population: 210,867,954
Capital: Brasília


Starting from North to South, Brazil’s weather varies accordingly. The temperature here rarely goes below 20 degrees celsius and thus the place is recognized as an ‘year round destination’ by millions. Talking about the coastal cities in this country, they remain humid and hot throughout the year. The rainy season of Brazil start right from January and conclude by April in some of the northeast regions whereas, the time period for the same in the Rio and Sao Paulo area is during November- March. Irregularity in rainfall and higher evaporation rate are witnessed here.

People & Language

Brazil is a Portugese- dominant country and thus majority of its population is indulged in using ‘Portugese’ as its official language which is spoken by approximately 97.9% of the country’s population. Varied other languages spoken by the minorities here include German spoken by 1.9% of the population. Apart from this, Spanish can be understood by many of the people in Brazil. Residents in Brazil are acknowledged as the ‘Brazilians’.


Time: Brazil follows four different Standard Time Zones and they are the Acre Time, Amazon Time, Brasilia Time and the Fernando de Noronha Time.

Electricity: There is no Standard Voltage followed in Brazil however, majority of the states there are indulged in the usage of 220 v as the units. The type of plugs used in Brazil consist of two multiple pins and also the flat prongs.

Weight & Measurement: Brazil follows the Metric System for the purposes of weight and measurement.

Telecommunications: The most commonly used telecom providers in Brazil are the Vivo, Tim, Claro and also the Oi. These sim cards are easily available in varied supermarkets as well as the official stores of the same. The other modes of communication used here are the Internet, Television and the radio.


The officially circulated currency in Brazil is none other than the ‘Brazilian real’ that is symbolised as ‘R$’. The currency is available in the form of coins and banknotes. The coins are present in the denominations of R$1, 10 centavos, 5 centavos, 25 centavos as well as 50 centavos, whereas the banknotes are available in the denominations of R$100, R$2, R$50, R$10, R$5 and R$20. Circulated under the supervision of the Central Bank of Brazil, a single Brazilian real is equivalent to 100 centavos. ATMs are present in the country that too in a good number and thus, one might not face any kind of issues in withdrawing the money in multiple denominations.

Top Attractions

Food and Drink

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Culture & Lifestyle

The culture of the present day Brazil is very unique and complex. It is one of the World’s most varied and diverse cultures. Because it has been a melting pot of different nationalities, the Brazilian culture gets influenced from a number of societies. In the lands of Brazil, you will see civilizations like Europe and Africa and their cultures colliding with each other.

In the households, the Brazilian culture lays great stress on conservation of the family structures. There are values that associate to every home here and these values are considered as very important. There are huge families, with extended members that live together and support each other in their day to day lives.

The societies of Brazil have a very affectionate way of greeting each other. Just like the western people, the men will greet each other by a shake of hands and the women will kiss each other’s cheeks when they meet. The deals are made by establishing a good relation therefore the partners know each other well before initiating in business together.

The culture of Brazil is colorful and fascinating, where dances like Samba and Salsa are renowned throughout the World. The Brazilians are very cherishing people. That is the reason we see the Brazilian carnivals and festivals filled with a delight and a shining atmosphere. The Brazilian culture is so intense that it has all the ability to send shockwaves throughout the World, and these shockwaves are of complete love, generosity and affection.

Overlanding in Brazil

The self-drive of Brazil is a highly innovative activity to be in indulged in. This way, you can stop by a shop, take a break or just relax and see the sheer beauty around you whenever you want. Also, the self-driving is not only easy for you, but it also goes easy on your pocket.

The Brazil is a very beautiful country to experience there are beaches, sky high pinnacles, lively cities and much more that would immediately attract a visitor towards them. The intensity of everything is very high if you are in Brazil and that is exactly why people love this country so much.

However, there’s a downside to self- driving in Brazil as well. While driving in Brazil, be alarmed all the times as the country faces world’s highest fatality rate through accident. The roads here are not very maintained as there are bumps along the way. Also, there are animals coming into the roads, road rage and other illegal activities and even overworking while driving that could leave serious harm and even death if caught in an accident!

Urban Adventure in Brazil

Rio De Janiero

If you know Brazil then you would definitely know about the sugar loaf. This rounded peak is considered as the emblem of Rio de Janiero and therefore it cannot be discarded from your list of must see sites! The tree-covered promontory that is 394 meters above the beaches and the city is an interesting sight to see while you are sinking your toes in the sand. This is one of the top spots in the bingo books of the tourists from around the World and almost all of us fantasize about the thrill of riding a suspended cable car that works between the Sugar Loaf and Morro da Urca.

This entire process is filled with high adventure and fun. Additionally, when you combine this joy with the smiles of the people of the Brazil, you will conclude that this place is irresistible!

Cristo Redentor

Cristo Redentor means “Christ the Redeemer”. This is a colossal statue, with its arms stretched out 28 meters, as if it were going to embrace all of the humanity. This statue gazes over the notorious Rio de Janiero and the bay, standing at the great the summit of Corcovado. This statue is a part of the Tijuca National Park, where a rack railway climbs 3.5 kilometers to go 709 meters in the sky. At exactly this height, the great statue of Jesus is located.

This statue was completed in 1931 by the Polish-French sculptor Paul Landowski. It is constructed by using reinforced concrete and soapstone. This is a statue of Redemption of God that looks over the city of Rio as if Jesus himself was staring at the people from the skies! If you miss the sight of Cristo Redento, then you have missed a great chunk of the experiences of Rio!


Another activity that finds a global acclaim, the Rio’s pre-Lenten Carnaval is an extravaganza for color, action, exuberance and sounds! This is not a street party or a bunch of uniformed dudes hanging around. This thing has swag!

The carnaval is a very carefully staged showpiece where you can watch the parades of competing Samba dancers. There is a purpose built stadium just for these parades. This notorious stadium, called Sambodromo is a state of the art building where the competing Samba schools come with their best pupils to compete each other in an all-lights-and-colors festival. These celebrations are cherished by tourists from throughout the World, and people dub it as one of the most interesting festivals throughout the World!

Iguacu Falls

This place is at the borders of Brazil. This is a very interesting location present near the meeting points of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. Here, the Iguacu River forms a spectacular semicircle, through 247 waterfalls that drop into an underlying gorge. These miraculous falls sure are a work of the nature as the river gets its width decreased to one fourth just before the fall, therefore increasing the force of the water greatly.

If you want to see the Iguacu Falls completely then do not expect to see one side of them. These falls give different sights to both Argentina and Brazil. Therefore, the Brazilian side is equally as important to see as the Argentinean side. So, if you intend to interact with some nature while you are in Brazil, then this is the best spot you could go to!

Amazon Rainforests

In Brazil, three rivers coincide at a point and mix as the great Amazon. In its close proximity, you could see the World’s biggest rainforest. There is this distinct feels of the rainforest in the proximity of Anavilhanas Islands, where an archipelago with lakes, streams and flooded forests offer the looks and feels of the amazon. There are a lot of animals around this place, including monkeys, sloths, parrots, toucans and much more!

If you have a taste of wilderness, adventure, adrenaline and nature then this is possibly the best place that you will ever go to! Surely, no forest in the World is equal to the great Amazon and experiencing it from so close will give you goosebumps.

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