Overlanding in Chile

The longest country of the world with a pinch of the Easter Island and an array of the abundant traces of the Andes, Chile is definitely a true epitome of a highly picturesque hub with unique specifications.

Country Quick Facts


Located in the south of the Southern America, Chile is considered to be as thin as a pencil with its coastline ranging approximately 4,000 miles. It comprises the Andes Mountains that is renowned as the largest mountain range in the world, the Atacama Desert and also multiple beaches, sea channels and icebergs. The country is clipped between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean with its most of the interiors being covered by the mountains.

Area: 756,102 km²
Population: 18,197,209
Capital: Santiago

People & Language

‘Spanish’ is considered as the officially spoken language in Chile with its users being more than 14 million people out of the current population in the country. However, the nation makes use of many other strong native languages and indigenous languages vocalized by some minority groups here. Some of these are Mapudungun, Quechua and Rapa Nui. For the purposes of the international businesses, English is used as the main language for communication. The people residing in Chile are known as the ‘Chileans’.


The ‘Chilean peso’ is the officially accepted currency in Chile that is symbolised as ‘$’. It is circulated under the supervision of Central Bank of Chile and is prevalent in the form of coins and the banknotes. The coins are available in the denominations of 1 peso, 500 pesos, 5 pesos, 100 pesos, 50 pesos and 10 pesos whereas banknotes are present in the form of 5000 pesos, 1000 pesos, 20000 pesos, 10000 pesos and 2000 pesos. A single Chilean peso is equivalent to 1000 escudos. One can witness abundant ATMs in Chile providing easy withdrawal services of cash with multiple denominations.


Chile’s weather stands out to be a really unpredictable one due to its extended coastline with its summer starting from December and ending in February and the wintertime from June to August. The Northern parts of Chile experience desert climate as the country is a home to some of the driest hubs. The Central parts of Chile comes across the Mediterranean climate which means cold winters and the highly hot and humid summers. The best time for visiting Chile incorporate some months of spring and some during the fall.


Time: The Standard Time Zone in Chile is the ‘Chile Summer Time’ that is 4 hours ahead of the Pacific Standard Time.

Electricity: The Standard Voltage in Chile is 220 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. If the electrical appliances from your country has the standard voltage ranging from 220-240V then you can use your appliances here without any issues.

Weight & Measurement: The Metric System is used in Chile for the purpose of weight and measurement

Telecommunications: The most commonly used telecommunication service providers in Chile are the Entel and CLARO. On comparing these, Entel is considered to be the best. One can get low cost prepaid services here and also the roaming facilities for making calls internationally in over 200 countries.

Best Time To Travel In Chile

Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ... Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ... Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ... Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ...

Chile Weather Chart

RAIN (mm)

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Food & Drink

The Central Chile is considered to be the region that is highly influencing the culinary experience of Chile. Each and every menu in this country is surely going to comprise a fresh seafood selection. Mentioning the highly delectable cuisines here, it has an apt fusion of beef, chicken, fresh fruits, rice as well as the potatoes. In case you are here, then you are not at all recommended to leave this jaw-dropping place without having trying out the drooling essence of Chile’s dishes.


An Empanada is a type of a pastry that is stuffed with a mixture of raisins, eggs, vegetables, meat and fish.


The most favoured cuisine in Chile, Pebre is one of the commonly consumed dishes here. It is a salsa served in the form of starter.


IT is prepared in Chile since the 1500s and is a soup that comprises of a mixture of herbs, dried meat and also the aromatics.

Mote con huesillo

This is a drink from Chile that consists of the dehydrated dried peaches fused with mote along with spices and sugar.

Caldillo de Congrio

Filled and then served in an earthenware bowl, Caldillo de Congrio contains vegetables, herbs as well as the spices.


Served as a dessert at the time of breakfast or snacks, Alfajor is a soft cookie that is made with a fusion of honey, hazelnut and the almonds.


It is stuffed in the corn husks and is considered to be a similar one to the tamale. The dish is prepared with the cornmeal dough & corn.

Pisco Sour

Recognized as the Chile’s National Spirit, the Pisco Sour is the national beverage here. It contains lemon, ice and sugar.


Leaving a feeling of shakiness in your legs, Terremoto is the drink that contains ice-cream fused in white wine.

Our Driving Adventures in Chile

Are you surely concerned equally about the journey too apart from the destination? In case your answer is a big YES, then self-drive trips are an apt decision for you. You can drive and that too endlessly with your own car and that too without even experiencing a single hustle in between.

Urban Adventures in Chile

Sandboarding, Atacama Desert

Despite of being one of the driest places of the world, the Atacama still manages to picture some of the most splendid landscapes that one can’t even imagine. These scenic and the highly beauteous views are not worthy of being missed. Well, not only Atacama is a home to some views but is also a source of the really innovative adventure activity of ‘sandboarding’. The activity shall be inclusive of cruising deep down the sand dunes which are over 394 ft. high. The practitioner shall get a chance to go past the Geysers El Tatio, Valle de la Luna and also the Lagunas Altiplanicas. Sandboarding is considered to be a thrill and a fun filled activity, thus, it is sure that you should give this one a try whenever you are here in the Atacama.

Heli-Skiing, Valle Nevado

Skiing is a normal adventure activity that is commonly found in majority of the areas nowadays and many of the adventure seekers might also have experienced that too. But, how about a heli-skiing activity? Ever heard about it? If No, then defining this activity is easier if we just mention ‘skiing activity filled with more thrill’. In the Heli-Skiing, you will be indulged in skiing around the varied beautiful resorts that too in a helicopter. This activity is facilitated with some of the best skiers in the world, and thus you can easily experience this highly adventurous practice with less difficulties, more fun and abundant safety.

Trekking, Patagonian Southern Ice Field

Chile is a home to the world’s third largest ice- mass following Antarctica and Greenland. Extending over three national parks, the Patagonian Southern Ice Field is serving as the most favoured hub for undertaking the fun-packed activity of Trekking. The sole intention of trekking in this ice field is to explore the untouched geography of this place, not in a simple monotonous manner but rather in an adventure filled way. This activity is surely going to serve you a handful of wilderness packed memories with a pinch of the nature’s freshness and the hugeness of the massive glaciers. Don’t miss out on this one as this is surely going to be a crystal to your adventurous trip.

White Water Rafting, Pucon

Acknowledged as the most encouraged and the traditional adventure activity in Pucon, White water Rafting is undoubtedly a ‘must-do activity’. But, have you ever thought about the reasons responsible for it being one of the most favoured adventurous things in Pucon? Not one or two, but they are many! Some of these include the passion and liveliness in its eminent guides who are always ready to facilitate visitors with the best experiences. The mountains surrounding the rivers in Pucon are apt to showcase the scenic landscapes and views for the comfort of their visitors. Also, the nature lovers who are deeply involved in the activity of seeing the colourful and the graceful birds can surely come at this place as there are plentiful species of birds available in Pucon.

Mountain Biking, Cancha Carrera Trail

An apt way of indulging in the beauty of nature with a touch of adventure is none other than riding across the landscapes on two wheels. Being considered as one of the most perfect hubs for cycling and biking, Chile is continually acting as a sheath to the infinite mountain ranges, natural obstacles and also a variety of treks. The best time to visit this place is being notified as November through February and also you have to make sure that your bike is in a stable condition while visiting this place for the adventure purpose. Biking trail recommended for experts is the 13km long Cancha Carrera trail situated in Santiago.

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