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Spotted as the hub of one of the rarest cacti that simply can’t grow everywhere as well as the delectable variety of street food that the country is topping in, Mexico is supremely a skilled country in every aspect.

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Country Quick Facts


Mexico shows diversity not only in the terms of people but also in the terms of its climate, landforms and many other aspects. Comprising of the fourth largest biodiversity in the world, this country has approximately 10% of the total number of species present all across the globe. The country is tucked in the Western Hemisphere surrounded by Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea towards the east, Pacific Ocean towards its west, USA towards its north and lastly Guatemala and Belize to its south.

Area: 1.964 million km²
Population: 130,759,074
Capital: Mexico City


The climate in Mexico varies from region to region, however majorly the country experiences two distinct seasons which are ‘wet’ and ‘dry’. The drier and the hotter days in Mexico are experienced by the coastal regions starting right from November and ending till April where the average temperature is expected to be at around 28°C. Whereas, the wetter season occurs from May and ends by October. Still, the weather during this time remains hot and humid accompanied by some rainstorms and thunder. Mentioning the driest region of Mexico, it’s the Northern part that gets cooler during the wintertime.

People & Language

There are plenty languages and dialects spoken in Mexico however, the languages amount to 68 and the dialects are at around 350. But, majority of the population here is indulged in using Spanish as the most common language making it a predominant one here. Other languages which are spoken in Mexico include the Mixtec, Otomi, Nahuatl and the Mazahuaare. The people residing in Mexico are worldly known as the ‘Mexicans’.


Time: Four Time Zones are used in Mexico and these comprise of Central Standard Time, Mountain Standard Time, Pacific Standard Time and the Eastern Standard Time.

Electricity: The Standard Voltage in Mexico is 127 V and the frequency is 60 Hz. In case the standard voltage of the electrical appliances from your country have the standard voltage ranging between 110V – 127V, then you can use them here without any hassle.

Weight & Measurement: The Metric System is used for the purpose of Weight and Measurement in Mexico

Telecommunications: The three majorly used telecom service providers in Mexico are the Telcel, Movistar and AT&T Unidos. Out of these three, the Telcel has been notified as the most expensive one. On the other hand, Movistar is considered as the cheaper plan.


The official currency of Mexico is the ‘Mexican Peso’ that is symbolised as ‘‎$‎ or Mex$’ and is circulated under the supervision of the Bank of Mexico. The Mexican Peso is available in the form of coins and also the banknotes. The coins of this currency are present in the denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 pesos, and 20 and 50 centavos and the banknotes are present in the form of 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 pesos. ATMs are available in Mexico and that too in an abundant form. You can easily withdraw the amount in multiple denominations from any of the available ATMs and also the banks and their branches.

Top Attractions

Food and Drink

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Culture & Lifestyle

The culture of Mexico defines the country’s complex history. This culture has evolved from the blending of native community with Spanish and other immigrant cultures. A majority of people here identify themselves as neither the traditional Mexican people, nor the Spanish, thus making a mixed up generation from both of the origins. This contributes greatly to the complexity of the Mexican culture.

This culture is very interesting as it is around 10 thousand years old! This is one of the cultures that became the cradles of human civilization. Thus, this culture and the national identity provided by this culture have similarities throughout the World..

The family system and religion are primary pillars of the Mexican culture. The Mexicans have large families that have traditional gender roles and a very high involvement of family members in day to day works. The parents of the family are treated with a very high degree of respect. In addition to that, the Mexicans have a very religious approach that is can be dubbed as conservative sometimes.

The festivals are significant taste to the culture of the locals. The Mexican calendars are teeming with fiestas and other elements. There are many colorful days that anyone can join in. Due to this reason, thousands of tourists flock across Mexico. Festivals like Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) and the Dia de Independencia are some examples of Mexican prominent festivals.

The Mexican traditions are very popular and considered as a symbol of class throughout the World. The Pinyatas that we joyfully hit during our parties actually came from Mexico! This interesting culture has much to give to the people that are willing to embrace it with their open arms!

Overlanding in Mexico

Self-driving in Mexico is something that you will definitely love! If you can self-drive a car, you can explore the beauty of this country with utmost ease! Here, you can find the remains of the might Mayan civilization. Moreover, the land itself is a charm on its own. There are people who greet you with welcoming eyes, festivals that fill your life with colours and an adventure that makes the entire journey exciting!

The roads in Mexico are incredible! There is a lot that you can experience on yourself in this country, and guess what? It is very safe to roam around Mexico in a rented car, or your own vehicle. The roads and environment of Mexico make it an immense pleasure to roam the lands of Mexico on your own.

However, still a great caution is necessary! There have been times when criminal activities have been reported on the Mexican roads. You should be extremely cautious while driving in another land anyways. So, drive safe and carefully so that you can experience the lands of Mexico without any issues!

Urban Adventure in Mexico


If you are looking for an experience of the sun and beach in Mexico then look no further! Cancun is constantly dishing away the first prize for such pleasures for a long time now! The areas of Cancun are rich with white powdery sand and Hobox, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and other such heavens attract around 3 million visitors.

Here, almost everything is associated with water. There is the pleasure of snorkelling, jet skiing and even the scuba diving present in the Cancun! Therefore if you are thinking of having a lot of water sports in Mexico then Cancun is what you are looking for! Also, do not forget to check out the Under Water Museum. This will contribute to an unparalleled experience of the Mexican lands.

Distrito Federal

If you are keen on knowing more about the rich culture and history of Mexico then the Distrito Federal can provide you with more than you want! This place has all the colours, traditions, recreation, shopping and cuisine that you are actually willing to have in your perfect vacations. Furthermore, the lively and diverse culture of this city is discovered through many buildings of the past, markets, galleries and museums that are spread throughout the city.

This city starts off from the ancient times, then it also sees the colonial period until finally it goes on to preserve all what it has gone through! All about this city is surely something that you wouldn’t want to miss out!

Puerto Vallarta

This place is one of the major resorts of Mexico. This place is not limited to sun and beach, as we already have recommended those places. What this area is special for is its dynamic and panoramic views. Due to the spectacular natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta, many photogenic people including advertisement directors choose Puerto Vallarta as their dream picture location. In addition to the beauty of nature, there are also art scenes where the traditional and contemporary art and sculptures can give you invaluable insight of their culture.

In addition to the jaw-dropping sceneries of this place, there are many popular and exclusive areas for dining and living over here. There are the taco stalls on the beachside, as well as the classiest places where you could eat!

Baja California Sur

Baja California Sur is known for its outstanding natural features and the blazing temperature. However, this area is accessible by air, which means that you can have the highest degree of luxuries here during your stay. Also, this place is teeming with marine wonders and aquatic activities. Talk about a desert that is surrounded by oceans, and you’ve got the Baja California Sur.

The sanctuary is one of its kind. On one of its sides, it has got the Sea of Cortes and on the other, there is the massive Pacific Ocean. This area also has some of the most advanced resorts and spas, set aside the fun you’re going to have at the beaches.

Guanajuato City

Mexico has got great coastal areas, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your vacations on the coasts. Guanajuato City proves this argument by creating a class that no coast in the World could ever match! There is the notion of museum hopping of Guanajuato city where you can experience the hustle and bustle of the arts and music. Also, there are fantastic mining tours that brought the city on the map of the World. Therefore, a great story waits to be told to you in the alleys of Guanajuato!

There is the fantastic archaeology of the Mayans, the mines, the museums and a lot of knowledge that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out! So, keep the mighty Guanajuato in the list of your most favourite places and you will not regret even for a second you spend there!

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