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We deal in Self-driving adventures and thus, believe in undertaking a tour with an intention of exploring the hidden treasures of multiple regions. It is usually witnessed that travelling in other areas makes use of buses, trains or plains of course, but according to us it is just a way to see the tourists’ destinations and not connecting with them. But, through an overlanding trip, you can easily connect with the beauty of the place you are present in. Here, your group is surely going to have much flexibility for experiencing, seeing and spending as much time as you want at a place with no fixed itinerary that is far better than a traditional group tour. As a conclusion, we at WOO Adventures ensure that you have a highly fascinating and a memorable Over-landing experience with no hassles with us.

No need for you to worry in this case. This is because, many members in our crew too are vegetarian/vegan and what we all want is you to inform us about your dietary requirements as soon as possible. Once you have told us your diet, we will arrange everything accordingly including the counting of meat-eaters and non-meat eaters.

What all you will be bringing for your trip totally depends upon the weather conditions at the destination you are planning to visit. But the lesser the belongings, the better it will be for you. But just keep in mind that you don’t carry abundant clothes, since you will getting some chances to wash your clothes during your expedition. However, once your bookings are confirmed, WOO Adventures is going to provide you a checklist of all necessary items and also a list of the optional objects. Also, don’t forget to bring your camera along every time you are travelling anywhere.

It is highly recommended for every traveller to have a trip cancellation insurance before we commence with our tour. Literally, this insurance is a saviour since it is inexpensive and can save you from the shortcomings experienced during your tour. Also, we want you to buy a travel health insurance as well as the emergency evacuation insurance and carry it along with you.

Majority of the places nowadays have an easy access to e-mail and calling. Also, the routes that we have chosen to travel in are facilitated with the satisfactory availability of e-mail as well as calls. In some areas, the internet might get slow if compared to other local.

Of course! You just need to tell us the number of people in your group along with your needs and preferences and our eminent team will be ready with a custom trip for you!

A visa is required by a good number of travellers belonging to different nationalities especially if they are planning to visit the African countries. Some Visas are needed to be purchased much before you have started your travel and the others are facilitated you at the respective border you are passing through. Our team will be giving you a Pre-Departure Dossier once you have booked your tour and it will be providing you a full-fledged information about the visas and passports. It is highly recommended for you to ensure that your passport has many blank pages instead of just one or two. Also, remember that the border crossings generally don’t accept temporary passports.

Organising a trip alone leads to abundant hassles and thus, planning it with us lets you stay far away from the worries. You just have to tell us the when and where, we are here to plan the ‘how’. Travelling with us is going to give you innumerable chances for communicating with the locales of that place, making new friends and also be a part of its cultural events. Also, just keep in mind that ‘You are safe with us’. Your peace of mind is our satisfaction.

Our vehicles meant for overlanding adventures are capable of carrying 40 travellers to the maximum extent and going on an approximate basis, we can say the travellers can 20-25 in a single trip.

No! There is no single supplement for a solo traveller. In case, you are a single traveller and looking forward to travel with us and require a single room as well then we can do it on an additional payment basis. At the time of Overlanding trips, we will pair you up with a traveller of same gender as yours with whom you shall share the tent or in the hotels’ twin & shared rooms.

Our Optional trips include a variety of options for you to try while being indulged in your tour with us. These have always proved to be highly beneficial for us as well as the traveller. Through our optional excursions, you can expect a high degree of flexibility during your journey and also you can plan on how much budget you can spend. Just pay the local operator who is with you and explore the additional places, local markets as well as the villages and beaches there. Also, you can also ensure that the true prices are being paid directly by you to the operator for the optional trips. For more information on the same, you can have a look at the optional trips on our website in each itinerary.


It is highly recommended for each and every traveller to carry his/her own personal kit. However, our Overlanding vehicles are surely going to be equipped with a comprehensive medical kit.

There are many documents which you have to mandatorily carry and they are :
- A full passport with a validity of at least six months comprising of a good number of empty pages for the visas.

- Your vehicle’s registration document showing your Full Name and Current Residential Address.

- A driving license as well as the International Driving Permit (your name same as in the Passport)

Our team will be guiding you throughout the process of attaining the additional documentation that will be needed for the vehicles overseas. You are responsible for all the direct as well as the indirect cost of your documents’ replacement. Also, loss of any document while being indulged in you tour will obviously be disrupting your tour. In case the need arises, you shall also have to leave the tour for the organization of your documents’ replacement. We are not going to postpone or prepone our trips due to the same reason.

WOO Adventures ensures that your trips with us are beyond expectations with innumerable lifetime experiences from the journey. We specialise in organizing overlanding excursions, wildlife as well as highly adventurous trekking activities.

WOO Adventures wants the driver to be highly confident and experienced, thus a minimum age of 21 years is required for you to be the driver during the tour. Also, your drive license should have been used from the last 2 years. Sometimes, it can be the case that our vehicles will have to pass through dirt when the roads may not be paved well. Thus, in this scenario you will have to be a bit more adaptable as well as flexible.

Of Course, you can bring your own vehicle for the expedition, however it just has to meet certain requirements before starting with the journey. Firstly, it is highly recommended for you to get it checked and pre-approved by the team of Woo Adventures just to ensure that it is perfect for the type of expedition you are going to undertake. Secondly, the vehicle must belong to you and in case it is not, then you should be having a written consent from its owner along with other documents proving the ownership. Thirdly, make sure that the luggage space in your vehicle is sufficient to carry your belongings throughout the tour. Also, no need for you to worry on vehicle’s brand, we have no issue with that as long as it is capable of riding off-road and on-road.

Yes, we provide vehicles to the travellers touring with us and their rates are set on ‘per-day basis’ right from the commencement day to the ending day of your trip. The cost of the transportation of vehicle is included in the expedition cost. In case you are looking forward to hire a vehicle then your age must be at least 25 years and must also have a driver’s license and also he must be eligible to attain the third party assurance from overseas. Also, there stands a dire need for the hirer to showcase his past driving skills with the vehicle of same size as the one needed during the expedition. There is an existence of varied terms and conditions which need to be signed by the driver.

If we are saying that the expedition is hotel based, we mean that the prices for that include the meals (breakfast and dinner) along with the hotel room on sharing basis. Undoubtedly, single supplements can be made available for the solo travellers but in case the need arises, you might have to stay with a traveller of same gender. However, if you are seeking for a single supplement then you have to inform our team about the same as soon as possible. We ensure that the hotels arranged by us for you will have adequate facilities of electricity, washrooms, meals, cleanliness and others. The type of hotel facilitated for you will be subject to availability. Some of our tours will also be comprising of camping in the forests and thus, there our team will be providing separate tents for every individual in the group. However, camping logistics and other related stuff have to be carried by you.

The price is going to incorporate all breakfasts and evening meals at some places during some situations.

It is highly recommended for the travellers to get themselves checked from a doctor and take the vaccinations whichever are necessary. Once done, they also have to bring a written confirmation from their physicist that the conditions have been recovered and you are fit to travel. In case you take medicines regularly, you must carry a satisfactory supply of the same along with you during the trip.

Yes, you should be having a Travel Insurance in case you are planning to go on an excursion with us. If you fail to demonstrate that you have the same, you won’t be allowed to tour with WOO Adventures.

A minimum Third Party Motor Insurance Cover has to be held by you with an intention of driving in other countries. Also, some countries demand a compulsory local third party insurance and also you will not be able to ensure your vehicles here, thus you can’t do anything except the acceptance of associated risk.

Yes, we book Air Tickets too and for the facilitation of the same, you need to tell the required information to our executive at the time of your tour booking.

There would be at least two people in the support team of WOO Adventures who would be accompanying you to the tour. The Expedition Leader out of these two will be responsible for taking all the decisions regarding the activities in the whole day and other decisions at the time of unforeseen events.

Our Over-landing vehicles are highly dedicated and are formulated with an intention of providing assistance during emergency. These vehicles are equipped with tyres, fuel, spare parts as well as the medical kit that can be used at the time of breakdown.

The itineraries, routes, timings and dates on our website and other brochures are final however, they are not permanent since over landing trips can witness delays due to several facts such as climate, bureaucracy, politics, vehicle breakdowns etc. WOO Adventures shall not be liable for any kind of delays in its itinerary or timings due to varied unforeseen events.

It is highly recommended for every participant in our expedition to attend the Pre-Expedition meeting since a briefing about the tour shall be discussed at that time and also, you can ask any questions regarding the same to swipe off your doubts and queries.

First of all, not to forget that your vehicle must be having new tyres fitted. Your vehicle must be well enough to meet the requirements of the expedition as well as the group. You will be responsible for all the cost of repairs, changing of tyres etc. Also, ensure that you are carrying the basic spare parts of the vehicles with you since you might not be able to spot any repairing centres in some countries.

Our team will be providing you the required information about the Vehicle Freighting three months prior to the departure as well as on the needed documentation for the same. The time period of the freight totally depends upon the way vehicle is shipped (either shipped or flown). It is highly recommended for you to ensure that you are present at the freight destination so that you are able to complete the custom formalities associated with this temporary import and export of your vehicle. The schedule of the freight can be delayed due to some unforeseen events beyond our control and thus, we won’t be responsible for the same. Also, during vehicle freight, minor damages can be occurred to the vehicle and we are not at all responsible for the same.

For signing up for an expedition with WOO Adventures, you need to fill up our reservation form present on our official website and deposit the required booking. A waiver form also needs to be signed for the same. WOO Adventures will then follow up with you through calls and mails regarding your bookings. Your deposit amount stands non-refundable in case of cancellation from your side. We accept Electronic Bank Transfers, Cheques, NEFT, and Credit/Debit Cards for payments.

Your flight should reach the commencement point 2-3 days prior to the flag off date of the expedition. This will assist you in recovering from Jet Lag and also completing each and every custom formality regarding your journey as well as the vehicle.

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