Fuel the Dream

Be a part of our exclusive tours for promotion which not only cover India but other Asian, African, American, European and Australian/Oceania countries as well. You can either be a Title & Trip Sponsor or share equal space with other brands as a co-sponsor.

We would love to checkout your sponsorship or products:
(You may apply for following products or in cash sponsorship)


  Vehicle Modification


  Team clothing (T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps & Jackets etc.)

  Food & Accommodation


  Travel & Vehicle Insurance

  Communication & Electronic equipment

Sponsorship Benefits :

  Vehicle - Our WOO Adventures vehicle & convoy will display sponsor logo as a car decals throughout the journey, all around the globe.

  Clothing - Your Logo or advertisement will be displayed on the merchandise we going to use during the journey.

  Website - We will feature sponsor logo permanently along with the company’s activities description and link of sponsor website on our www.wooadventure.com website.

  Social Media - The Logo of sponsor’s will be displayed / highlight on all our social media platform; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ & YouTube. All our social media pages & accounts will be visited by thousands of audience all over the world during our trips and also later to follow the sensation of overland self-drive trips “WOO Adventures”.

  Travel Vlog / Film - We have professionals with us along with all upgraded equipment’s for videography / Travel Film. All sponsor products / equipment’s or sponsors will be a part of our video discussion, we will use and show all sponsor products / equipment’s in our travel film. All higher category sponsors will be highlighted as Title sponsor for our trip.

  Book / Brochures - Sponsor logo will be shown by us on all our books, templates and other informative paper document and it will be included in stories/blogs written about the journey in newspapers and magazines.

  Press and Media Coverage - The concept of WOO Adventures will attract a lot of media coverage all over the world. All our events and participation in domestic and international Travel Expo / show will be publicized as Sponsor presents WOO Adventures “trips”. Sponsor logo will be displayed on the background during all our presentation, stall, media & press conference.

  Raw Footage & Image Rights - Investment of your sponsorship entitles you to use all our particular trip photos and videos footage for you own campaigns.