Goa - expedition

One of the most favoured vacationing destinations especially for the youngsters, Goa is continually stealing the hearts of millions not only in India but all across the globe. Greenery on one side and the freshwater lakes on the other with no pollution but just a pinch of purified air all around- this is what Goa actually is as it is much more than just the beaches.

A ‘Tourist’s Paradise’ tucked in the coastal belt of India on the Konkan coast, this place is an apt destination for the history buffs, nature lovers as well as for those striving to get the best of nightlife.

The Goan Churches, temples as well as the beauteous old houses still carrying a rustic look are continually acting as a plethora of attraction for the visitors. On mentioning its population, this pint sized spot is not populated in terms of its residents but yes, undoubtedly it is the most populated one in case of the tourists prevalent here each year.

Pack your bags, call your travel mates and head towards the most pleasing Goa but in a unique way. Not through flights or trains, but now is the time for you to traverse this place through overlanding as it is considered as a highly prominent way of touring in case you are looking forward to dive deeper into the hidden gems of Goa and also want to know the bygone tales associated with them. Thus, explore the beaches; indulge in the sun bath and the art of massaging accompanied with an array of natural views; party hard in the vibrant nightlife; enjoy the Casinos; taste the sea-food delicacies- Goa is much more than you can even imagine!

Best time to visit: November-March
Road conditions: Clean, flat and smooth
Weather conditions: Wintertime- 17 degrees Celsius and Summertime- 25- 35 degrees Celsius