Leh Ladakh - expedition

Making you ‘its forever’- Ladakh, accompanied with a literal meaning i.e. ‘the Land of High Passes’ lies in the middle of the Northern Karakoram mountain range and the Southern Himalayas. It is considered as the largest amongst the ten provinces which are prevalent in Jammu and Kashmir. The awe-inspiring as well as the splendid barren lands with some of them filled up with the turquoise coloured and highly pristine lake’s freshwater- this place is no less than a heaven for the travellers.

Ladakh’s beauty is literally overwhelming and once visited, the beauty of this place is sure to leave its ever-lasting impressions in your mind even when you are done with the journey to this winsome place. The Buddhist simplicity and the towering mountains filling up the rugged appearance of this land are continually attracting millions of tourists as well as the adventurers each year. Majority of the travellers’ population is indulged in exploring the hidden treasures of Ladakh by engaging themselves in the art of overlanding. Travelling to Ladakh and that too on your personalized bikes or cars is the utmost adventure anyone can ever experience.

Leh- the capital of Ladakh has been known as one of the most beautiful places existing in Ladakh inculcating the frozen but very beautiful landscapes. The summer here happens for a very short period of time that leads to the melting of the precious glaciers present here. Dive deeper into the beauty of Ladakh through an overlanding experience as it is surely going to allow you to explore the unexplored gems of Ladakh with no time limit but as per your own comfort. Gaze the clear skies, experience the pleasant nights and meet the Buddhist locales all along your way.

Best time to visit: May-September
Road conditions: Majority of the roads are bumpy and also have less vegetation
Weather conditions: During the daytime, it is 16 degrees Celsius and during night, it is around 3 degrees Celsius