Madhya Pradesh - expedition

You are surely never going to get over with the memories from this place! The ‘Heart of India’ is a true epitome of a perfect mixture of culture, culinary experiences, history, tourism, wildlife, nature and many other related aspects.

Serving as a cultural centre to Buddhism, Hinduism as well as the Jainism, Madhya Pradesh’s lifestyle is as lively as its people. It is a habitat to the exquisitely carved temples, plenty monuments, forts as well as the stupas dotting the beauty of Madhya Pradesh and also attracting a plethora of abundant tourists each year.

Step into the world of wild in the ‘Tiger Kingdom’ of Madhya Pradesh and that too on four wheels. The state consists of a good number of tigers and is thus, one of the best destinations for being explored through over-landing. It is never late to quench your thirst for adventure by engrossing yourself into the best of the jungles and the wildlife safaris that is highly prominent in the Heritage Heartland of India. The place is apt especially for those who are striving to experience something beyond the edge with an intention of entering the wilderness that lies here!

The avid nature lovers can experience the mass wildlife and the distinctive activities of the species in the wild through the Jungle Tour that helps you get a kaleidoscopic view of the nature accompanied with a true spirit of the Indian Jungle. Grab some of the tremendous opportunities of spotting a tiger in the Madhya Pradesh’s varied National Parks and the wildlife sanctuaries giving you some glimpses not only of the wildlife but the massively beautiful flora and fauna.

Best time to visit: October to March
Road conditions: Majority of the roads are great and some have rough surface
Weather conditions: Summertime- 40 °C- 43°C Wintertime- 10°-15°C