Rajasthan - expedition

The ‘Royal State of India’ that is none other than the alluring Rajasthan is the one that is reserving its place in the bucket list of each and every traveller who is planning to visit India. An expedition to India is incomplete without some of the glimpses of the beautiful state of Rajasthan.

Whenever thinking of India- the first thing that conquers our mind is a long queue of the mighty images of the majestic royal state filled with immense vibrancy as well as positivity.

The colourful cities, turbans, jewellery, culture, cuisines and its forts- every single thing here is packed with lots of eminent colours and undoubtedly yes- colours make everyone happy and so does Rajasthan! With so much to witness inside and around it, it has proved to be the most favourite destination not only for the sightseeing purposes but also for the adventure seekers. The best Overlanding experience one can ever get can be perceived in the ravishing Rajasthan as it is ready to welcome the tourists with an overwhelming smile and the heart-warming greetings by its residents.

Enable yourself to experience the Royalty as well as the life of the kings in Rajasthan through an overlanding experience. Riding in your personalised vehicle amidst the squeaky streets as well as the broad lanes around the majestic forts and palaces prominent here is the best thing that can ever happen to a true over-lander. Engross yourself in the satisfaction driven through overlanding and capture some of the best experiences for lifetime from the Land of Warriors- Rajasthan.

Best time to visit: November- February
Road conditions: Majority of the roads are bumpy while some areas are flat
Weather conditions: Summertime- 40°C to 45°C Wintertime- 5- 10°C