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Vishal Gogia Chief Executive Adventurer

Vishal Gogia

(Chief Executive Adventurer)

Our headman, the root of our association and our superhero who is always ready with the most intricate solution for our problems, he has been a regular expedition facilitator for the toughest trail of all time Mt Kailash Trek. Not only has the list concluded here, he has also been a steward for the fly-drive tours to Spiti, Everest Base Camp and lastly Ladakh.

Girish Vats Expedition Handler

Girish Vats

(Expedition Handler)

Letting your inner senses feel astounded by his travel knowledge, Girish Vats would never allow you go out of excitement with his great sense of humour and some funny intriguing talks. A man who is in great talks with each and every turn, route and even the soul of a region- he is a true adventurer!

Devendra Doria Front-End Developer

Devendra Doria

(Code Master)

No less than a magician, he loves to cast the spell on his coding skills by his superb knowledge of HTML, Java, and CSS as well as JQuery and that too in a single go, he is acting as a way paver for our expedition crew to reach their potential clientele.

Mohit Rana Industry Elevator

Mohit Rana

(Industry Elevator)

The foremost person for our firm’s development whose mind is always conquered with plenty of strategies on how to let us reach the new heights, Mohit Rana is an apt epitome of a human with a genius mindset and a healthy grasp of Industry’s knowledge.

Aastha Negi Adventure Wordsmith

Aastha Negi

(Adventure Wordsmith)

She believes in expressing, but not through speech instead by writing. A girl accompanied with an immense love for scribbling, she is well versed in adapting to every style of writing that comes her way. With her mind full of imagination, she is always indulged in penning down her thoughts.

Babita Yadav Bookkeeper

Babita Yadav


An always laughing face, she can dig out the estimates of every financial transaction with the blink of an eye. The master of tally, an expert in calculations who is always ahead in the race of problem solving, Babita never fails to impress anyone with her bookkeeping skills.

Nimisha Lalwani Travel Advisor

Nimisha Lalwani

(Travel Advisor)

An illustration of brilliance and an amalgamation of wisdom, Nimisha Lalwani is a bold lady and is the finest person for dealing with the regular clients and assisting them through their plenty of queries by being ready with varied answers for their enquiries.

Gaurav Singh

Gaurav Singh

(Video Architect)

The boss of artistic skills who is always on point while transforming the simple photographs of every tour into the most splendid creation to be remembered for lifetime, he is a patron of digital creativity. But this is not the end, he also loves to render the memories.