T & C

Cancellation Policy-

A 20% cancellation shall be done from your total ticket value in case the cancellation is made up to 30 days before your departure date.

A 100% cancellation shall be done from your total ticket value in case the cancellation is made within 30 days of your departure date.

Team WOO Adventures

General Policies-

Ensure that you are carrying a valid Identification proof during your check in to the hotel as it is mandatory. The acceptable ID proofs shall include Voter’s ID card, Driver’s License and the Passport. Please note that Pan Cards are not accepted as an Identification proof.

The right to take strict actions against any guest who has an inappropriate behaviour is reserved by the tour captain of WOO Adventures.

There exist certain varied tours which have distinct policies which are changed frequently but our company’s policy shall not certainly apply to them.

The guest is held responsible to pay for any kind of damage excluding the tearing of any asset or normal wear.

There exist some policies which are booking specific and thus, you will be informed about them at the time of booking itself.

Woo Adventures holds the right of changing its terms and conditions at any time when the need arises, and these shall then be effective right from their being posted on the website, brochures or any other platform bringing your attention.

Situations arising beyond our control-

Any kind of compensation, expenses shall not be reimbursed or the losses shall not be covered from our side in case any situation arises that is beyond our control. Also, we hold a right to change your tour after booking in such a case. The circumstances beyond our control are the conditions arising due to any natural disaster, civil unrest, terrorist activity, bad weather, industrial dispute, airport closure or any other event that is highly unavoidable or cannot be foreseen.

Your responsibilities-

Woo Adventures works with the sole intention of enabling its clients experience a happy and a carefree journey. But a thing to remember from your side is that you are also held with some responsibilities during the tour. You are solely responsible for your own actions that may have an effect on others. In case you or any other person travelling with us is seeking the attention of our teammates due to his/her misbehaviour or bad actions that may annoy the other staff, lands them in any kind of risk or leads to the damaging of our assets then we have the right to end your tour or facilitate the termination of your contract. We shall then not at all be responsible for the refund, compensation or any other payable cost and also the concerned person cannot use any kind of property or transport provided by the Woo Adventures.

You should keep in mind that your safety should be the utmost priority and also, you have to keep in mind that the condition of the property associated with you has to be taken care of from your side. We are not liable for any kind of damage occurred on you because of your own careless behaviour or any kind of accident occurring inside or around the property. WOO Adventures is responsible for the way they drive their bikes, cars or any other vehicles. It is strictly recommended for the travellers travelling with us to adhere to each and every instructions that WOO Adventures’ tour guide will tell you. If anyone is not following the above mentioned policies, then we have the full right to terminate your contract and also detain you from travelling along with WOO Adventures in the near future or the upcoming days.

WOO Adventures has no issues with the clients drinking alcohol as we intend to make your journey enjoyable but it should be done responsibly. But, we shall not be held liable for any kind of loss or injury that will be held to you due to the consumption of alcohol or any other hard drink.

The traveller shall witness us holding him/her individually else jointly as you are responsible for any kind of damage that has been caused to the furniture, accommodation or any other related materials that are present in the accommodation along with the legal cost undertaken while the pursuing of claim. You have to responsibly inform the concerned person in case you come across any kind of damage or breakage.

Any kind of diversion that has been caused by the behaviour of the travelling person/s shall be held by WOO Adventures either individually or jointly for the compensation of the cost and other expenses. We are not at all responsible for the withdrawal or stoppage of any kind of facilities or services done due to the traveller’s actions.

In case the complaint is from your side-

You shall never get unhappy from our services and you are thus, surely going to enjoy travelling with us. However, in case you are not satisfied with our services then you can surely contact the concerned person from WOO Adventures. Also, you can also contact your tour representative and we are going to do the best we can to make your journey a memorable one. If still, you are not satisfied then you can send us your queries or reviews at our e-mail id or also call us on our phone number. However, we shall not entertain any kind of refunds or complaints after the completion of the tour.