Traveling Visa

For traveling to different countries we will require a visa which is to be obtained before leaving home. Some of them can be obtained enroute as well but we try to obtain in advance as many as possible. It is the responsibility of the traveller to ensure to carry valid visa for the countries they visit. Our visa experts will endeavour to assist you for obtaining necessary visa for your trip with us.

Visa through WOO Adventures

Usually the requirements for obtaining visa may vary depending on your passport, you nationality and location of residence. Once you book a trip we provide you details about the places you will visit including information on visa rules, documentation and fee etc. We try to provide up to date information but since the visa rules keep changing frequently with no advance warning, we strongly recommend that you keep a proper check for the same. Contacting dedicated embassy or high commission or other authorised agencies is no harm.

Our visa advisors will assist you in in completing the necessary documents and forms for your visa application at no additional fee or charges.

It is to be noted that for obtaining visa most countries want the passport to be valid for atleast six months from the date of your entry in that country. You must have multiple blank pages available on your passport for stamp.

Invitation Letter

In some or many countries a Letter of Invitation is required for obtaining a visa. WOO through its network of partners and associates can try to apply for these documents for you.