Spiti Valley - expedition

Surely going to give you an experience filled with abundant memories to be cherished for lifetime, Spiti Valley that is also called as ‘The Middle Land’ is awaiting your glimpses. What comes to your mind whenever you think of Spiti?

Some picture it as a region containing beautiful flowers tucked in an amazing lush green environment with pure air all around while the others picture it just as a simple barren land resembling to that of Ladakh. But, whatever is the imagination- this place is continually attracting many people to have a look and try out its unexplored beauty. Lying between India and Tibet, it is a ‘Paradise’ especially for those indulged in Overlanding.

Due to Spiti being a ‘middle-land’ among India and Tibet, its culture highly showcases a perfect fusion of the Indian as well as the Tibetan rituals accompanied with a comparatively unique lifestyle containing the beliefs of Hinduism and Buddhism. Riding your personalized vehicle with an intention of exploring the beautiful provinces of Spiti Valley is definitely going to prove a journey to be remembered for the whole life in your case.

Let your soul get a pinch of purity as well as serenity by visiting the stunning destinations of Spiti with the most important out of them being the Ki Monastery, Hikkim and not to forget the most ravishing Kibber Village. Camping in the lap of mountains, travelling on the roads with no time halts, exploring as per your convenience and spend the night amidst the forests under the beautiful sky full of stars. Well, Spiti is a Paradise and you should surely be a part of its beauty in abundance.

Best time to visit: June – September
Road conditions: Flat smooth until Jeori and then it starts getting bumpy and rough
Weather conditions: Average temperature is 5.1 degrees Celsius