What is Camping?

Stunning natural scenery amidst the backdrop of some very colorful flora and fauna, camps awaken an excitement for outdoors that lasts forever. An engaging & well enjoyed camping experience compels one to go for camping time & again. Camping is attractive owing to location, camp management and when camping involves rewarding as well as challenging adventure and fun activities. Activities such as Bird Watching, D-I-Ys, Writing, Star Gazing, Village Tours, Nature Walks, Meditation, Yoga, Adventure games, Hiking, Trekking, Exploration and more have made camping more than just an outdoor stay in tents. Most activities are designed & executed to get you closer to nature. Camping, per se, is not restricted to any particular age or class or gender; people from all walks of life can enjoy this outdoor bliss. Being at the mercy of Mother Nature, close to the being primitive and away from the modern day amenities, might sound intimidating but camping has had its share of face-off. In the present day camping, is a popular holidaying and staycation options that is no more rugged; rather comfortable. In fact, many countries have chosen some of the best camp-sites across their terrains and the places are well developed & maintained for camping purposes. Away from the omnipresent traffic, the concrete jungle and the frenzied work and life, these campsites are a respite.  Camping is not only about getting connected to nature rather teaches discipline, team work, survival tricks, life-hacks and more.  It teaches one to live within limited resources and be eco-friendly, as well.

Camping amidst SARS-COV19

Away from the shenanigans of the towns and cities, holidays under canvas have never been more popular. As this pandemic curbs travel, hotel stays and vacations, camping becomes a staycations. Holidaying has become less appealing, travel enthusiasts and holiday seekers are preferring Camping.  This is the new staycation in town! Nevertheless, camping can be a standalone activity but it is best enjoyed with the company of others or larger groups. So, it is a lot about family, friends, work-mates and people with whom you tag well.  Long hauling lock-down and restrictions, have increased the need to unplug oneself from the monotonous city lifestyle. The need of the hour is to breathe that lucid untainted air and enjoy all those things that nature truly has to offer. Just grab that camping kit and take the road less travelled.  Understanding the pandemic norms & following them strictly will definitely lead to a safe yet enjoyable experience. One can rely on camp organizers & camping companies who follow complete Covid-safety guidelines and maintain the best safety & hygiene rules

Camping in the Bygone Era

There can be no meaningful camping without tents and tents have been used since times immemorial. Camps have been set up by Native Americans, Mongolians, and Central Asian nomads and by armies in response to their requirements. As a recreational activity, camps became famous towards the end of the 19th century.

'Thomas Hiram Holding' is the author of the first known camper’s handbook and is also known as the Father Of Modern Recreational Camping. Earlier when people opted for communing and sleeping in the open, the elements of nature were a constant challenge. So here tents and caravans came to rescue and it became more popular in the 1930s. In the USA, camping as an organized activity started post the Second World War. As a recreational activity, it became popular during the early 20th century. And then slowly it started to percolate from the elite class to other socioeconomic classes. According to the records, Cunningham’s Camp, near Douglas, Isle of Man, which was opened in 1894, was the first commercial camping ground. In 1932, The International Federation of Camping Clubs was founded where the national clubs from all over the world affiliated with it. The 1960s was the era where camping was easily recognized as the established family holiday standard. From the very initial tent camping to present day high-tech camps & Glamping, camping as an activity has evolved in many forms, yet the essence remains intact.



What Campers Love About Camping

One who has enjoyed camping once, is sure to get attracted time & again. Campers across the globe find camping stress-busting, eased-out, rewinding and soulful experiences, too.  Campers enjoy:

The Anticipation of Freedom: The very thought of camping and further planning for the same is a stress-reliever itself and boosts one's mood. The outdoors never fails to make one happy and a day or two well spent outdoors, under the free sky, is good enough to get someone through stress.

The Slow pace Life at Camps: It is a bliss to sip a hot cuppa under the shade of a tree at ease. Camping itself is self-reliant, so one tends to do everything by himself and at the same time gets a good amount of time for oneself.  Enjoying the little things and nothingness around is soul-satisfying. From collecting pebbles to gazing out at the landscapes or from self-reliant living to playing with kids, these simple joys without any distractions or time-bound pressure, relaxes you from within. While holidaying in a camp, life changes its frantic pace to a slow & relaxed mode, apparently making one mindful and improving the living in the here and now.

The Increase in Gratitude: Living in camps not only improves one's acceptance of nature’s bountifulness but also the understanding of maintaining eco-friendly practices. The simpler and minimalistic living makes one appreciate the basic comforts of home, which otherwise goes unnoticed. Camps teach one to be much more appreciative of their humble abode and the comforts of everyday life.

Reliving Childhood: It is like reliving childhood, when blankets over chairs were the forts and dens; and so are the tents & canopies today. The fun of wriggling inside a sleeping bag and gazing at the star studded sky is priceless. The outdoor sound, smell, and the nip in the air everything holds some memories to kindle, making one calmer and happier.

The Excitement of Exploring Somewhere New: Campers enjoy that childish glee when they explore the surroundings and discover things or places of interest. The excitement of revealing something hidden, the long walks into the unknown and innumerable such is loads of fun. Campers have always been fond of the natural world and the unseen behind.

The Benefit of Being Outdoors: Good for wellbeing, camping outdoors is one of the best ways to relax and energize. 21st century work-life has confined people indoors; long working hours and stress has increased health issues. On the contrary, the work-from-home culture has opened up many avenues for people who do not want to work from the office. Work can also be fun while in a camp. Benefits of spending time in nature are countless, so why not camp & reap the benefits!

The Chance to Spend Uninterrupted Time with Family & Friends: The whole idea of work-life balance seems impractical to many and people mostly look for uninterrupted time with family and friends. Camp is a wise deal here! It brings forth the awaited opportunity to spend uninterrupted time with family, friends or for that matter with oneself.  It is like you disconnect to get connected.

Best Time to Camp

The best time for camping is during your favorite season and the place that you are planning to go in that season. Good weather indicates the right time to camp. Places that are cold throughout the year can be camped between May and October while extreme hot climates can be camped from December to April. Each season and place has its own share of attraction & fun.  The months of autumn, spring, early summer and winter are best suited for camping. Each camping has its own fascination, scenery and activities to go with it. In summer, families opt to camp with kids in this season. Most campsites are particularly attractive during this season due to the various summertime fun activities. Campers also enjoy having a long daytime to explore the area and better night view. Spring season camping is most preferred in India as everything is colorful as nature comes back to life post winters. The snow melts and the flowers bloom. The air is crisp and fresh.  Whereas autumn is beautiful and fall enhances campsites with its colours. In nutshell, camping is all about outdoors, so whichever weather you are fond of, just go camping.   

Choosing the Camp Site

The very first thought of camping creates excitement whereas choosing a camp site can be confusing. Elements to consider while choosing a camp site are climate, location, purpose of camping and camp-mate’s & your preferences. Nevertheless, do not miss the social media reviews of camp sites shortlisted. Shortlist a couple of places and look for professional camp organizers for a much relaxed camping experience. You can always choose to camp by yourself but professional help makes holidays a bit more organized.  After all, you need a camp to enjoy without security & safety hassles. Find a place where one can spend time in the open air, enjoy the wilderness and the tranquility of nature and sleep under the stars. Various publicly owned natural resources like the state and national parks, wildlife areas and also the commercial camping grounds are the most sought after camping destinations. Campers opt to stay in a tent, caravan or a camper van, as they choose. Be it camping at mountain foothills, camp by the river bed, camp on valleys, camp amidst vast grasslands or camp in dense forests, choose wisely and enjoy the escape.   

India – Camper’s Delight                                                        

India, with its heritage and landscapes, brings forth manifold camping locations & hideouts that take you away from the mundane life. The picturesque landscapes and the serene nature is the calling that every camper is waiting for. India has mountains, grasslands, deserts, valleys, national parks and beaches as camping destinations. So, what more a camper can ask for. Camping zones in Northern India spread from the Himalayan foothills to Ganga river bed and from the Valley of Flowers to Nubra Valley.  Places such like Rishikesh, Sarchu, Jim Corbett National Park, Chandra Taal Lake, Solang Valley, Sonamarg, Kasol, and Ladakh are some of the popular camping destinations. Whereas camping sites in South India are situated amidst lush forests, river banks, mountain peaks and wildlife habitat.  The camp sites here have various activities. Kodachari, Mudumalai, Yelagiri, Dubare, Godavari River Camp, Munnar, Wayanad and Coorg have some of the most visited camping zones. There are a number of professionally managed camps here.

Similarly, the East and North-East belt of India is blessed with astounding and unexplored camping locations with activities like hiking, trekking, beach surfing, nature tours and many adventurous sports. Some of the camping locations in the zone are Nameri Eco Camp, Namdapha Rain Forests, Surfing Campsite at Marine Drive Konark-Puri, Satkosia Tiger Sanctuary, Bhitarakanika National Park – a mangrove wetland, Tsomgo Lake, and Kaziranga National Park. Western & North-Western India do not lie behind. This zone of India has some of the awestrucking campsites.  Backpackers heaven, these zones have beautiful locations like Anjuna Beach in Goa, Hodka, Camp Temgarh, Lion Safari Camp – Gujrat, Thar Desert of Rajasthan, Pawna Lake, Bhandardara, Panchgani, Matheran and the list goes endless.

Camping for Globetrotters

An avid camper finds himself looking for camping options around the world, beyond boundaries. Every destination is different, every journey is memorable. So there are various places where one can pitch a tent, light a bonfire, chat with fellow campers and enjoy all that nature has to provide. Landscapes such as the crystalline lakes, the white dazzling glaciers, the kaleidoscopic mountains, the green lush meadows and the scenic valleys provide ample reasons for the campers to go wild. The wanderlust is always in a hunt to find new places to connect with nature. So travel the world or squeeze a little camping experience. For whatever the reason, the world is a limitless playground.

On that note, some of the best places to camp around the world are Mount Cook National Park - New Zealand, Devon – England, Loch Lomond & The Trossachs – Scotland, The Alps – France, Hossa National Park – Finland, Skane – Sweden, Zion National Park – Utah, Vancouver Island - British Columbia, Connemara – Ireland, Simien Mountains –Ethiopia, Tartaruga Camp - Greece, Yellowstone National Park – USA, Glacier National Park – Montana, Canyonlands, Bryce and Zion – Utah,  Haleakala National Park – Hawaii, High Atlas Mountains – Morcco, Mahai Campsite at Royal Natal National Park - South Africa and the Acadia National Park – Maine and a few to name.

Nevertheless, a professional camping and adventure sports company can best guide you to select, book and enjoy a memorable camping holiday.

Stay Options and Essentials Required for Camping

With the sky as the roof and the earth as the floor, camping teaches us not to take nature and our environment for granted. While camping, we should be respectful towards the wildlife, the flora and fauna and other habitats of nature. Nature can play some unpredictable surprises for which one should be always ready. There are several items that a diligent camper has to carry so as to make the camping experience a smooth one. Things like Tent / sleeping bag, Torch / flashlight / lighter, Duffel bag, Knife / axe / hammer / mallet / ropes to fix and drive tent stakes in the soil, Hatchet / saw for cutting firewood, Ropes / tarpaulin, Drinking water, Ration and many such essentials need to be carried if you are camping on your own. Seasoned camping companies provide all such basic requirements. Personal belongings such as season & place appropriate clothes, accessories and footwear, Mosquito / Insect repellent, First-aid kit, Sunscreen, Sanitizer etc., are a must.

Environment Conscious & Custom-made Camping by WOO Adventure

Every professional adventure tour company should be committed to deliver responsible and sustainable tourism services. So are we. Our local staff with their expert local knowledge, protecting the cultural integrity of the place. The camping experiences we offer are designed & executed to minimize any environmental impacts. We educate our clients about the place and its environment. We support environment safe activities and expect the same from our clients. Our clients are also exposed to various projects to protect and restore the natural environment. The camp sites follow environment friendly practices such as minimizing energy usage, utilization of local resources and recycling.

Camps organized by us extend an opportunity for some real fun and group activities with family, friends, co-workers and other like-minded people. Our camping can also be custom planned or personalized.  So, whenever it is the time to de-stress and relax in nature book a camping trip into the wilderness and trust WOO Adventures

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