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A ravishing country filled with beguiling views, landscapes, and tourist destinations, France is acknowledged worldwide for its wines and cheeses. Get indulged in the pleasure of France’s agreeable climate this year!

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Country Quick Facts


On comparing the total area covered by France, its size is twice times less than that of Colorado. It is officially known as the Republic of France and extends from North to South while being the cultural and the economic centre for Europe. Situated in the Western Europe, it comprises of several islands and overseas territories all across the globe. France’s mainland is known as the Metropolitan France that has an area of 551,500 sq. km.

Area: 643,801 km²
Population: 65,233,271
Capital: Paris


Warm and pleasant weather conditions with a moderate amount of rainfall is experienced in France during April – August. The summers here witness some thunderstorms with warm weather and the winters too are much colder. Sometimes, the temperature may reach below 0 degrees during the wintertime. However, in the case of summertime the temperature rarely goes above 30 degrees. Talking about the Metropolitan France, it carries a temperate climate while experiencing different weather conditions with changing seasons. However, on briefing it is neither too hot nor too cold. The weather is pleasant during March-May whereas and damp weather conditions during October – December.

People & Language

The ‘French’ language has been granted the official status in France as it is the most commonly spoken language all over France with 96.25% of the people communicating in French. Other languages used by some of the groups living in French include, English (spoken by 24.21%), Spanish (spoken by 9.06%), German (spoken by 5.27%) and Italian (spoken by 3.68%). Apart from this, dialects and regional languages like German and Celtic languages are also used.


Time: France follows the Central European Time (CET) as its Standard Time Zone. It is 9 hours ahead of the Pacific Standard Time Zone.

Electricity: The Standard voltage in France is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. France makes use of the Type C and Type E with round pins and socket's male earthing pin. If the frequency of your country is different from that of France, you should not use your electrical appliances here

Weight & Measurement: The Metric System for weight and measurement is used in France.

Telecommunications: Majority of the French population uses mobile phones and the broadband services for fulfilling the purposes of communication. Also, the French telecommunication market is indulged in the usage of 4G networks and as notified 60% of the subscribers use the same. Some of the major mobile phone providers are Orange S.A., Free, SFR and Bouygues Telecom.


The officially accepted currency of France is ‘Euro’ symbolised as ‘€’. However, recently a new local currency has been launched in Paris that could be used alongside Euro and will be accepted by all local businesses and shops. It is named as the pêche (peach). As notified, one pêche is equivalent to one euro. Already 65 currencies are present in France and 80 more are under the phase of development. The country also makes use of CFP Franc (also known as the Franc) as its currency but it does not have that much use as compared to the Euro. It is symbolised as ‘?’. The denominations available in Franc are 500 francs, 5000 francs, 10000 francs, 1000 francs (banknotes) and 5 francs, 2 francs, 50 francs, 10 francs, 1 franc, 100 francs, 20 francs (coins).

Top Attractions

Food and Drink

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Culture & Lifestyle

The Celtic and Gallo-Roman cultures are considered to be influencing the historical French Culture. The culture of this country and Paris should never be mixed as they both differ in their own ways. It differs from region to region. France is a country that fairly believes in Equality, Liberty and Fraternity and these are incorporated in the main motto of this highly valued nation.

Since, Paris is a hub of most of the fashion brands such as the Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Dior, thus you will see majority of the population here wearing professional and the fashionable attire. They wear typical clothes such as skirts, dresses, scarves and berets etc. Art is the soul of France and majority of the creativity can be seen in Paris. This place is really apt for the art-lovers, lights’ lovers, adventure lovers and also the nature lovers.

The largest followed religion in France is none other than Christianity. Apart from this, a really good number of people here express that they follow no religion. Talking about the Islam, approximately 5%-10% people out of the total French population are a serious follower of this religion.

During any business meet or introductions, it is highly recommended to use “Monsieur” or “Madame” when you are communicating with your seniors or superiors. Keeping the personal and the professional life separate is very important in France. French people enjoy their personal space and they carry a really friendly nature. You shall undoubtedly enjoy their company!

Overlanding in France

Travel through the Channel tunnel, gaze the exoticism of scenic landscapes and discover the illuminating variety of scenes that France has to offer. Self- drive has proved to be an essential one for the independent travellers who are planning to go on a vacation with a group of friends or their family. Design your own itinerary, decide your own eating hub and apply them in your trip without any hustle. Shrug off your traditional holidays and embrace the irresistible vibes of a self-drive in France.

If you love to drive, laugh, enjoy, outdoor activities, spend some time with your loved ones and enjoy the views from the highways, then Self- drive travel is a really perfect choice for you. Be a free-spirited soul, pack your bags, call your travel mates and plan a self-drive trip. It’s never too late for the same. Also, get an opportunity to click breathtaking photographs, meet new people on your way, travel anytime and rest anytime. France’s roads are all yours! Take out some time and get lost in the beauty and peace attained from a self-drive.

Urban Adventure in France

Hiking, Luberon Regional Nature Park

The Luberon Regional Nature Park is a hub of a variety of engaging activities. Thus, if you are an adventure lover and looking out for some fun and thrill in your visit to France, this Park is a perfect spot for you. Indulge yourself in hiking, trekking, and the moderate cliff-sidewalks. The difficulty level of these activities may vary from easy to the most difficult ones, the choice is all yours in this case now! Apart from this, you can engage in the bike rides along the array of mountain biking paths available. So, grab a memorable and an active day in France with the Luberon Regional Nature Park.

Boat Ride, Riou Archipelago

Witness the rugged and a beauteous scenery in the Riou Island which is easily accessible to all the visitors with the help of a short boat ride. You can also try out the Mediterranean diving in this spot. The clyster clear blue water near this island is that much charismatic that you couldn’t even stop yourself from swimming, snorkelling or kayaking in the same. A visitor can approach this place along with his/family or a group of friends and even alone too. Nature lovers and the adventure lovers are most welcome here, as the place is a hub of the iconic natural landscapes and views along with adventurous activities for you to try your hands and the skills on.

Mountain biking, Chartreuse

You can receive each and every adventurous activity in Chartreuse starting from something as common as hiking to something as unique as Canyoning. It is located in the southeast part of Lyon to about 100 kilometres. The place is famous not only for its adventure but also the rugged beauty that it offers to its tourists whenever they visit this heartthrob place. Get intrigued in the variety of things, Chartreuse has to offer and you will never ever feel like leaving this place for a while. The options for fun are available in abundance here. Just be ready to choose among these as you are really going to face some confusion in the same. Each and everything is so exciting here that you would never like to miss even one of these.

Horse Riding, Provence

Ride your horse through the beautiful vineyards of Provence. Well, this is not solely a horse-riding experience but also a perfect opportunity for all the travellers to enjoy the ravishing views of the Atlantic Ocean. The place hasn’t been assigned any specific date of month for the facilitation of its visitors, instead it is available all year round. You can visit any time of the year, and enjoy the breathtaking views and the activities at such a peaceful region. France has many adventure activities for its visitors and Horse- riding at Provence is one of the best of them. Never miss out this one, in case you are in France!

Climbing, The Alps

Bored of the plain roads and striving to seek some adventure in the mountains? This is your cup of tea! Due to the Alps being much steeper than the Pyrénées, they define a perfect climbing activity. Grab the varied climbing activities here and enjoy to the fullest. The visitors who are going for climbing and hiking on the Alps will be provided a map to guide them all through the ways, good food and also some much needed signs and symbols for a perfect, groomed and a safe experience. The Alps paves the way for its visitors for the really delightful landscapes and also their jaw-dropping views.

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