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Czech Republic

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Engross in the fascination filled nightlife and history of Czech republic with a crystal touch of the super-amazing sightseeing from the capital city Prague containing the Vysehrad Castle and its scenic atmosphere.

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Country Quick Facts


Czech Republic is surrounded by the Carpathian, Sudetic, Ore and the Southwest’s Sumarva mountains with its highest peak being the Mt. Snezka having a height of 5,259 ft. Majority of the Czech Republic’s western part is covered by the Bohemia and the eastern part is majorly taken over by the hilly land of Moravia. The nation falls short of natural lakes and thus, keen importance is given to the reservoirs and presently, there are 125 artificial lakes in Czech Republic.

Area: 78,866 sq. km
Population: 10.63 million
Capital: Prague


Czech Republic experiences cold winters and warm, dry summers due to its climate being typical European continental influenced. During wintertime, the season is really cold having temperatures going below zero degrees sometimes. The coldest month of the year is January which also experiences major snowfalls and cold, strong winds. The average temperature during summers’ daytime ranges from 20 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius and sometimes even higher.

People & Language

The people belonging to Czech Republic adhere to the ‘Czech’ as its official language as it is used as a communicator by over 96% of the Czech’s population. However, any foreigner visiting this place would not at all feel any issue in communicating with the residents here in English as this language is quite known there. On the other hand, the senior citizens here also know Russian and German. The people living in this country are known as ‘Czechs’ and share the nation’s culture, traditions and the official language.


Time: The Central European Summer Time is followed in Czech Republic and is 10 hours ahead of the Pacific Standard Time.

Electricity: The Standard Voltage in Czech Republic is 220 V and the frequency is 50 Hertz with the use of Plug types C and E consisting of two round pins and a hole with the purpose of sockets. You can use your appliances here if they have the same standard voltage.

Weight & Measurement: The Metric System for weight and measurement is used in Czech Republic.

Telecommunications: Czech Republic has varied telecom service providers, however, O2 Czech Republic, T-Mobile and Vodafone have the highest number of users. Apart from these, the country also makes use of other communicators such as the Internet, Radio and Television.


The Czech Republic’s official currency is ‘Czech Koruna’ which is symbolised as ‘K?’. It is circulated in the whole of this nation in the form of banknotes and coins. The currency is in use since 1993 and when called in the English language, it is named as the ‘Czech crown’. The Czech Koruna is regulated by the Czech National Bank with an ISO Code of CZK. The banknotes of this currency are available in the denominations of 1000 K?, 100 K?, 2000 K?, 500 K?, 200 K? and the coins are circulated in the denominations of McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender, 2 K?, 1 K?, 5 K?, 20 K?, and lastly the 50 K?. ATMs’ facilities are available for the people present in Czech and that too in multiple denominations.

Top Attractions

Food and Drink

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Culture & Lifestyle

Czech Republic is a really welcoming country. The people here greet each and every person in a perfect manner and show great respect whether small or big. Due to the shortage of the natural lakes here, the reservoirs are kept in a really secured manner by the residents of this country. They know how to preserve their environment, the culture and their traditions.

Talking in case of the per capita, it is really noteworthy that the highest amount of beer is being consumed by the people of Czech only. They are a ‘beer-lover’, undoubtedly!

No religion is followed by 34.5% of the Czech Republic's residents, whereas on the other hand undeclared ones are 44.7%. More than 95% of this country’s population is an intense follower of the Roman Catholic Christianity. Some of the minorities in religions i.e. Buddhism, Islam, and others are followed by less than 1% of the Czech’s people.

‘Czech’ is the official language carried by the country’s people and apart from this, English and German are among the other mostly communicated languages here.

The people of Czech are having a really different work culture. They are not into practising leisure time whenever they are free. They believe in keeping themselves busy in varied activities in order to pass their free time. The western style culture is followed here since the fall of communism.

While visiting anyone’s home, presenting them a small and lovely gift is really appreciated and maintains the etiquette of the Czech’s people. When you are talking to some person, it is necessary to greet him/her by saying ‘dobry den’ (good day) and while leaving, ‘na shledanou’ (good bye) should be said.

Overlanding in Czech Republic

In case you have couples of weeks preserved with you so that you can have ample amount of time for embracing the exoticism of Czech Republic, the apt option for you is none other than the ‘fly-drive’ or you can say the ‘self-drive trip’ to the Czech. Open the historical and the cultural heritages of this tiny nation with a much-needed break and that too with your convenience through the usage of an overlanding tour. Never miss on the hidden gems of the nation’s countryside and let your fun & thrill commence! Engross your interest in the artistic surroundings offered by this melting pot of varied European styles’ architecture and unique productions by the country’s artists and sportspersons.

The roads in Eastern as well as the Western Europe are quite similar and driving under the alcohol’s influence is not at all entertained. If you already know the art of driving in big cities, then you won’t be facing any kind of hassle or challenges all along your routes in Prague. Also, the roads of Czech are quite worthy of being driven on and yes, you can have a memorable overlanding experience in this country.

Urban Adventure in Czech Republic

Hiking, Bohemian Switzerland

Introduce yourself with the natural beauty of Czech Republic by visiting the Bohemian Switzerland. In case you are travelling here in summertime, you might witness much crowd here. This is because this place is a commendable spot for all types of outdoor activities. The place comprises the mountains, lakes and caves offering you a perfect opportunity for nature’s photography. This picturesque view is a way to get you closer to nature and also you can have a look at its astonishing views through hiking. This fairy-tale scenery can be experience both via land or the water, the choice is all yours! Thus, the Bohemian Switzerland is a perfect place for nature lovers as well the adventure lovers.

Walking, Soos Nature Reserve

Being here will make you feel like an epic adventure due to its thrilling as well as simultaneous nature’s beauty. Not only is the adventure, this place acts like a natural museum that gives you a splendid view of the natural mineral springs, its volcanic activities, ecology and much needed information about its wildlife. This park is connected with the ancient period of the existence of dinosaurs and thus, it gives a great essence of the three millions years’ history of this place. Have a walk in this park and have a communication with the nature while being facilitated with the peaceful environment. This place should obviously be there in your ‘must visit’ places in the Czech Republic.

Caving, Moravian Karst

Have a really incredible not only ‘on the land’ of Czech but also ‘under the land’ as it has many fascinating caves’ views to show its visitors. These underground labyrinths are quite enough to connect you with many tales on their formation. The environment of this place is bordered by the Czech folklore and legends. Here, the Macocha Abyss is the attraction that has been given 10 on 10 undoubtedly for its beauty and fascinated views. You can hike at this 138 meters deep place to have its view rather in a more adventurous way. Enter the Punka caves through the way of the Punkva River and witness a really adventurous trip packed with thrill.

Cycling, Pálava Region

The Pálava Region has proved to be an apt gateway by being an indispensable part of the Lower Morava Biosphere Reserve. Due to it being one of the warmest places in the Czech Republic, outdoor adventures are available here all throughout the year. Thus, there is no need for you to think and then decide for any kind of dates for the same. Pack your bags and visit this place whenever you want to! This place is a really good way of escaping the crowded cities and their roads and being with a really natural and peaceful environment. You can have a view of the beautiful vineyards in the Palava region through a perfect hiking trail filled with a handful of activities and fun.

Skeiing, The Krkonoše Mountains

The Krkonoše Mountains are a pure delight for each and every roamer visiting the Czech Republic. There are numerous waterfalls falling from a great height and presenting jaw-dropping views every nook and corner of this place. The climate here remains mild making it perfect for every single engaging adventure activity available. It comprises of the three areas serving as the regions for skiing, and other varied snow sports. The snow in this region increases its reputation every consecutive year and also the slopes here are not much steep. This is a really antique place and you should for sure visit it at least once in the lifetime.

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