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Pass through the unforgettable essence of an actually antique drinking culture of Poland with an unbelievably incredible rhythm of its quality-driven music and the drooling aroma of its delicious cuisines.

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Country Quick Facts


Poland is considered to be the 63rd largest country in the world and the 9th largest in the whole of Europe based on its large extended area. It is surrounded by Ukraine and Belarus on its eastern side, the Czech Republic and Slovakia on its southern side, Germany on its western side and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad on its northern side. Majority of the country’s territory is in the form of a lowland and its shape resembling to a square.

Area: 312,679 km²
Population: 38,637,899
Capital: Warsaw


Poland lies in a moderate climate zone and experiences four varied seasons i.e. autumn (September- November), winter (December- February), spring (March- May) and lastly summer (June- August). Here, you might also experience two more seasons which are named as the early spring and the early winter. However, the weather here is really unpredictable and hardly follows any of the calendar sayings. It rains usually at the time of spring but the view at this time is really breathtaking. Summer’s average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius and that of the winter is below zero degrees.

People & Language

Poland carries an official language known as the ‘Polish’ that is none other than a Slavic Language. Other languages used here with the purpose of communication include Silesian, Kashubian, English, Roman, French and Spanish etc. There are less probabilities of finding someone fluent in English here however, you can find some in Poland’s bigger cities such as the Warsaw. People living in Poland are considered to be the ‘Poles’ sharing a common culture and history along with communication of the Polish Language.


Time: Poland follows the Central European Summer time and is 9 hours ahead of the Pacific Standard Time

Electricity: The Standard Voltage in Poland is 230 V and its frequency is 50 Hz. The plugs used there for the electrical purposes are Types C and E consisting of two round pins and a hole for the male earthing pin. If your electrical appliance does not have a voltage of 220 V, you will surely need a transformer to use your gadgets in Poland.

Weight & Measurement: The people in Poland stick to the Metric System of weight and measurement.

Telecommunications: The T-Mobile Polska, Orange Polska and the Netia are the three majorly used telecommunication services in Poland carrying a similar share in the country’s telecom market. Apart from this, the Poles also make us of the Broadband network services and calls can easily be made to the rest of the world through the chargeable calling services.


The official currency of Poland is the ‘Polish z?oty’ that is symbolised as ‘z?’. This currency is in circulation in the form of banknotes and the coins. Banknotes are available as 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 zlotys whereas the coins are available as 2gr, 50gr, 1gr, 5z?, 5gr, 1z?, 10gr, 2z?, 20gr. The country wholly is not using the Euro but some of its rare establishments are adhered to the usage of Euro currency for daily transactions. You can easily find the ATMs in Poland with an easy accessibility of the currency in the multiple denominations. It has been notified that 1 z?oty is equivalent to 100 groszy.

Top Attractions

Food and Drink

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Culture & Lifestyle

The Polish culture has always been considered as the adaptive one. It has been influenced by its great history and also its geographic location. However, it always gets inspired by the culture and traditions carried by other countries and then works on enriching its own culture. The nation cares a lot about its visitors from abroad and thus, it has always welcomed them with its open heart.

Unlike its past, divorces, nuclear families and single parents have become too common in Poland presently along with a positive shift in their traditional mindset. But, now too at some places, pregnant ladies need to follow some taboos like not seeing a fire and mice during this period.

Poland is worldly acknowledged as the ‘biggest beer producer in Europe’ and thus, one will find Vodka and Beer in abundance here. The Poles never prefer water or any other drink along with Vodka and thus, consume it neat. Soups play an important role in the nation’s culinary experiences because it serves as a traditional food of the same. You shall find majority of the dishes here having Meat as their mostly used ingredient.

The dressing culture in Poland differs from region to region and thus, one might witness a variety of clothing patterns in this region. Talking on a whole, the people here wear western attire on normal days, and the traditional ones during any of their cultural events or festivals. Christmas is the majorly celebrated festival in Poland and the most followed religion here is no other than the Roman Catholics experiencing approximately 90 percent of the ardent followers.

Overlanding in Poland

The Fly-Drive holidays in Poland has already proved to be a jaw-dropping moment for many. Are you the next? Well, undoubtedly you should be! Not just because, it has good roads and you should be there but also because the sight that you will see while your overlanding tour are going to be ‘breath taking’ for sure! With its beautiful lakes, low lying territories to its mountainous regions, Poland has incredible things packed for your journey’s well-being and nothing else.

Engage yourself in the alluring charm of Poland’s towns, cities and villages and travel at your own pace without even any minor obstacle in between. Dine out in your favourite restaurant whether fast food or an expensive one, sit as per your comfort and stretch your legs the way you want and last but not the least, plan you own itinerary and budget! The whole trip is yours. Poland has an ultimate trip experience crafted just for you. Undoubtedly, it is highly recommended for you to try it at least once in a lifetime.

Urban Adventure in Poland

The Dunajec Gorge, River Rafting

Talking about the best River Rafting experience in Poland, the Dunajec River Gorge has managed to top the list. With its interesting geographic views and the beautiful landscapes, it has proved to be a ‘must-visit’ place for a perfect adventurous thrill by its tourists. The river is situated in the Pieniny National Park and provides varied fun and thrill filled opportunities for all the people striving to get a commendable visit experience. You can indulge in the River-rafting experience and in case you’re not experienced in the same, you can enjoy the view of the national park’s geography without getting wet through an unforgettable experience from the hiking trails available there in abundance.

Biking, Zegrzynski Lake

Crafted with an intention of keeping all the adventure seekers packed and engaged in unlimited adventure, the artificially made Zegrzynski Lake has varied adventure activities which incorporate water sports, fishing, boating, and biking. If you are in Poland, this place should definitely be there in your ‘hit list’ as it is truly a retreat for its visitors away from the hustle and bustle of the overcrowded cities. Being a ‘biking- freak’, you can ride along the beaches and experience their scenic landscapes. However, it is recommended for you to visit this place during the weekdays as weekend might turn out to be a crowded one making the environment too intense.

Tatra Mountains, Trekking

The Tatra Mountains lie on the southern border of Poland having Slovakia as its neighbour. This place comes across thousands of tourists annually with the sole intention of being facilitated with a handful of perfectly fused adventure activities. Being an adventurer, you can trek the Poland’s highest Massif Mt. Rysy and simultaneously enjoy its delightful beauty. Apart from this, you can also have an opportunity to applaud the beauty of the Mickiewicza Waterfall and in order to have a look at the rugged appetite, you can plan a trip to the Polish Tatras. Indulge in the thrill through the ski slopes, hiking trails and other ‘picture-perfect’ landscapes of Poland.

Biking, Warsaw

Warsaw is considered as the best city of Poland and thus, it has many opportunities for the tourists to explore and get inspired. This lovable city gives you an honest and clear glimpse of varied historical monuments and the Vistula River’s natural scenery. Being a traveller, you can roam in and also, out of the city for a perfect travel experience and that too on a two-wheeler. Ride your cycle or bike on the streets of Warsaw and examine all the whereabouts of this place that too at your own pace. Explore the sandy dunes and natural environment outside the capital of Poland through your two wheeler. This will give you a great view of Warsaw along with a touch of adventure that you were seeking for. This activity should always be tried by every traveller who is here with a purpose of fun and adventure simultaneously.

Kayaking, Krutynia River

Being renowned as the most beauteous river in Poland, the Krutynia River is a perfect place for pursuing the Kayaking activity. This river experiences an approximate depth of 65 cm (2 ft.) and has proved to be a favourite spot for millions of tourists who visit this place throughout the year. Apart from Kayaking, you can also try out the Canoeing adventure at this place. You can also make a stay of multiple days nearby and get a multiple day ride. All of the visits here are scheduled for near about 6-8 days however it can be modified as per your convenience, needs and preferences.

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