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One of the nature’s biggest gifts to the humanity and home to the ancient Inca Empire, Peru has definitely seen the ages! If you want a touch of nature and a lot of knowledge about initial human civilizations then Peru is the first place you shou

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Country Quick Facts


The Republic of Peru is a country located in the Western part of South America. This country shares borders in the north with Ecuador and Colombia and in the east by Brazil. The southeastern part of Peru is shared with Bolivia and Chile is the southern neighbor of Peru. The Pacific Ocean marks the western border of this country. Peru has a very impressive biodiversity where many different habitats combine to give the best touch of the mother-nature.

Area: 1,285,216 sq. km
Population: 32,677,822
Capital: Lima


The weather in Peru is very diverse. There is a huge variety of climates in this country that are furthermore subdivided into microclimates! Out of the 32 World Climates that we see, Peru has got 28. These diverse natural conditions have a chief factor of the presence of Andes Mountains and the cold Humboldt Current.

The coastal areas of Peru face a very humid type of weather which experience a very little rainfall. The Andes, on the other hand observe a cool to cold cycle with precipitating summers and dry winters. The eastern lowlands have a climate such as that of the equator with a hot weather and a year-long distribution of rainfall.

People & Language

Peru is a very linguistically diverse country where many ethno linguistic groups coexist with each other. There are a whopping 84 percent of people who are Spanish speakers. The principal language of this nation is also the Spanish, in which the media, the government and the education systems interact. In addition to the Espanol speakers, the languages of Quechua and Aymara are also dominant amongst speakers. Around 13 percent of the Peruvian people are speakers of Quechua and around 1.7 percent speak the Aymara.


Time: Peru follows the GMT – 5 model of observation of time.

Electricity: The standard Peruvian voltage is 220V. Additionally, Peru has an operating frequency of 60 Hz. If your country has a standard voltage from 220 V to 240 V, you can easily use all of your electrical appliances in Peru.

Weight & Measurement: Peru uses the Metric system for measurement of all the quantities.

Telecommunications: The telecommunication system in Peru involve, radio and television as the means of media. For the purpose of communication, the Peruvian system allows both the fixed and mobile telephones. In addition to these telecommunication facilities, the internet is also available in Peru that is a source of a massive growth in the country.


The Nuevo Sol is the official currency that is used in Peru. This currency has the symbol “S/”, and uses the denominations of 200, 100, 50, 20 and 10 in notes. In addition to the notes, there are coin denominations of 1 Nuevo Sol, 50, 20, 10 and 1 cent.Here, US dollar is also accepted as a mode of payment which is mainly preferred while making big transactions. US dollar is easily accepted in the major cities of Peru and the currency exchanges and conservation system is easily available here.

Top Attractions

Food and Drink

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Culture & Lifestyle

The civilization of Peru is more than 10 thousand years old. This means that the Peruvians have a great wealth of cultures and traditions. There is an excellent gastronomy in this land, where many archeological complexes have been built. Additionally, there are 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites and vast wealth of Natural resources. Thus, Peru becomes one of the most varied countries throughout the World.

The music and dance have been dominating the lands of Peru since the Pre-Hispanic times. Ancient Peruvians used animal bones, seashells and reeds to produce sounds. Thus, the Nazca were acclaimed as the most important Pre-Hispanic musicians of all time. This attribute gives the Peruvians a culture that is nature-oriented, colorful and filled with lots and lots of fun!

Another result of the cultural diversity of Peru is in the rich and varied folklore of the country. Surely, the lands of Peru have very distinct lifestyles. This lifestyle directly influences the culture of the people and the people adopt, dances, clothing, colors and ways that are become somewhat different from the locals of another Peruvian place.

Overall, the culture of Peru is interestingly diversified, where a lot of civilizations have interacted to form the most perfect culture of all!
?>br>The Peruvians know about their extraordinary cultural wealth and they are very proud of it. The modern day Peru is both generous and analytical where nations and people strive towards building up! The Peruvians are welcoming people who give good care to the visitors. There is the notion of spectacular celebrations and an awesome livelihood that make up the culture of Peru.

Overlanding in Peru

South America has one very beautiful aspect: its changing sceneries. Such transitions in the sceneries are very beautiful and due to which the areas of the Southern America become very catchy to the eye. Therefore, self-driving in the Southern America becomes something that you definitely shouldn’t miss. There is much that you can discover here in Peru that is considered to be the crown jewel of this region.

Self-driving in Peru is very easy as most of the driving is on properly paved roads and paths. There are, however, certain parts of the road where you will have to drive mildly off road to reach your destination. This gives a very unique pleasure of moving around in a car in the beautiful land of Peru.

Here, the conditions of travelling in Peru are very well suited to almost everyone. The roads are fine, the paths are defined and the drivers are encouraged to take part in an etiquette based driving session. There is still a precaution that you have to drive safely to avoid any hazard during the journey.

Urban Adventure in Peru

Machu Picchu

This is the glorious citadel of the Incas that needs no introduction. This mysterious Incan superstructure is sure to leave you scratching your head when you look at its location and the majestic build it has got!

Every year, millions of people flock towards this site to catch a glimpse of the lives of the early human beings. By looking at how civilized these people were, the people are left amazed! The Machu Picchu has got agricultural terraces, beautiful stone constructions and epic hilltop views of the sceneries around the site. This is surely a place that you cannot leave out from your urban adventures in Peru.

Cordillera Blanca

This is another worthy challenge as an urban adventurer to you! The great Cordillera Blanca Mountain Range in Huaraz is a test of your skills and consistency if you dare to challenge this giant. The mountain range is notorious for having the mighty Huascaran, a whopping 22,205 ft. mountain that is the third highest in the Western Hemisphere.

Such a strong barrier needs the best of the best to be conquered. If you are a person who is up for a challenge to conquer this beast range then don’t miss it out on your trip to Peru. Even if you don’t manage to completely summit a mountain, you can still enjoy the tons of snow that covers these giants!

Sacred Valley Of Incas

Incas are one good fascination about Peru. And, if you are leaving out the sacred valley, then there is no chance that you know completely about these genius people! The sacred valley is a huge must when it comes to the knowledge of history and culture of the Peru.

There is a lot of excellent agriculture in the Sacred Valley. Apart from this excellent capability of the soil, there are also beautiful landscapes and ruins and archeological sites that date all the way back to the Incas. Therefore, the Sacred Valley attains a place in your bingo books of Peru travel. The sights and the feelings of being here are completely unique and you will love the fact that you went to this place!

Rainbow Mountains

Another top destination for the tourists in Peru is the Rainbow Mountains! These mountains, just outside of Cusco, are very colorful and attractive. This is the main reason why thousands and thousands of people go to see these marvelous scenes from across the World! The Mountains definitely look good in the pictures, and it is right that the snaps make you ugly!

The glorious and colorful rainbow mountains are surely a work of art. The highlight of these areas gives us a glimpse that the Nature is the biggest artist in the World. And, by the ways it attracts us towards itself is simply amazing!

Nazca Lines

Talk about mystery and Peru has got the Nazca Lines. These peculiar and mysterious lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs that provide different and very confusing hints. There are figures depicting the wildlife to plain geometrical shapes that are located within the desert plains of Nazca. To this day, no one has been able to highlight why exactly these figures were created and this imparts a sense of mystery to these lines!

If you are a person who loves to see strange and peculiar things then the Nazca Lines will keep you spell bound for hours! The experience will be so intense and somewhat constructive and you will wonder why the Nazca had to do such hard work?

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