Overlanding in Alaska

With its natural geothermal hot springs and an array of plentiful national parks revealing the exotic wilderness, Alaska is continually adding crystals to the natural characteristics of its prevalent land.

Country Quick Facts


Keeping the land area in view, Alaska is considered as the largest state of the United States. There are two states in the U.S. which are not at all bordered by any other state, and one of them is Alaska with the second one being Hawaii. It is known to be the easternmost, westernmost as well as the northernmost US’s state due to its being extended into the Eastern Hemisphere. The glaciers are covering approximately 16,000 square miles of Alaska’s area.

Area: 1.718 million km²
Population: 738,068
Capital: Juneau

People & Language

Alaska has not come across a single official language as it has 20 existing official languages in the state of Alaska and these include English, Siberian Yupik, Inupiaq, Central Alaskan Yup'ik, Alutiiq, Unangax, Dena'ina, Deg Xinag, Koyukon, Holikachuk, Upper Kuskokwim, Tsimshian, Gwich'in, Upper Tanana, Tanacross, Hän, Eyak, Ahtna, Tlingit, Haida, and Tanana. Alaska has prevalent native groups which are divided according to the varied characteristics such as geography, culture, practices, standard of living etc.


The American Dollar (also known as the US Dollar) is used as the official currency in Alaska that is symbolised as ‘$’. The currency is circulated under the supervision of Federal Reserve System. A single US Dollar is equivalent to 100 cents. It is available in the form of coins and also the banknotes. The coins are present in the denominations of US5, US1¢, US10¢, US25¢ whereas banknotes are available in the denominations of US$5, US$1, US$100, US$50, US$20, US$10. The ATMs are easily available in Alaska and thus, any person can withdraw the amount and that too in multiple denominations.


The summertime in Alaska is divine and it also experiences longer days during this tenure. It extends from the mid- June & lasts till the mid-August and is considered as the warmest time period of the whole year. On the other hand, the wintertime here is not so cool. Also, there are some prevalent days when the state is not able to witness the sun. However, talking on a whole the state’s weather is sometimes an unpredictable one too. It has been witnessed that the winter season in Alaska have become warmer than more with an increase of 5 to 6 degrees of temperature.


Time: Alaska follows ‘Alaska Daylight Time’ as its Standard Time Zone that is one hour behind the Pacific Standard Time.

Electricity: The Standard Voltage in Alaska is 120 V and 60 Hz is the Standard Frequency.

Weight & Measurement: Alaska uses the ‘Metric System’ for the purposes of Weight and Measurement.

Telecommunications: Presently, there are three cellular networks in Alaska and they include Verizon, AT&T and GCI. On comparing the telecommunication of Alaska with the other 48 US states, it has been concluded that they differ to a great extent.

Best Time To Travel In Alaska

Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ... Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ... Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ... Woo offers reality based ultimate life experience that extends beyond the boundaries. We specialise in planning overland self drive trips, trekking and true wildlife encounters ...

Alaska Weather Chart

RAIN (mm)

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Food & Drink

Alaska is widely known as one of those U.S. states which have the finely prepared as well as the ‘rich in nutrition’ seafood matching each and every single preference of a foodie, especially. The place has already made its natural resources ready to be transformed into a most piquant culinary experience comprising of the highly fresh seafood and spices. Thus, in case you are here and you haven’t yet tried the food of Alaska, your journey is still not complete.

Wild Alaska Seafood Etouffee

This mouth-watering dish is a blend of braised greens, reindeer sausage, clams, prawns and also the jumbo sea scallops.

Moose Steak

Consumable during lunch, breakfast and dinner- the Moose Steak is an apt source of proteins due to its comprising of less than 100- gram fats.

Reindeer Burger

Prepared with intense heat, the dish contains the reindeer meat on a bun along with the other fillings of lettuce, tomato, mayo & onions.

Halibut Tacos

One of the staple foods in Alaska, it combines the best with the varied toppings including the traditional Mexican taco.

Reindeer Sausage Stir Fry

The local favourite of Alaska’s majority population as it is available in an abundant variety to choose from.

French Peppered Steak

As the name suggests, it is prepared with a perfect fusion of steak, salt and pepper along with some add-ons such as cream, mustard and oil.

Gooseberry Pie

The Gooseberries are easily available during cool climate of Alaska & once ripened, they are sweet in taste. Thus, they make an awesome Pie!

Irish coffee

Warming up the cold days in Alaska, the Irish coffee contains brown sugar, whiskey, brewed coffee and heavy cream.


Beermosa is a perfect start to Alaska’s mornings. It contains beer and a defined amount of the orange juice.

Our Driving Adventures in Alaska

Are you surely concerned equally about the journey too apart from the destination? In case your answer is a big YES, then self-drive trips are an apt decision for you. You can drive and that too endlessly with your own car and that too without even experiencing a single hustle in between.

Urban Adventures in Alaska

Climbing, Mount Mckinley

How about picturing yourself amidst the mountains along with the charm of a serene weather? And now, how about making this thought come true? The answer to this lies with the tallest mountain in North America that is none other than the Mount McKinley. Having an approximate altitude of 20,310-foot, an adventure seeker can indulge in the ‘mind-blowing’ activity of climbing this mighty peak. Reach the top and look down on the amazing wilderness which are still expecting the visitor’s footprints. The climb here is considered as a hard one, however a team of eminent professionals in the same field will be there to assist you during the whole scene. The best time to visit this place starts right from the April-end till the June-end.

Wildlife, Chugach National Forest

The Chugach National Park has abundant scenic views and also varied nature’s beauties starting right from the salt water lakes to the Prince William Sound’s snowy peaks. Extending across the wide region of the South-Central Alaska, this forest is serving as a habitat to thousands of wildlife species. One can have an amazing view of the rarest animals along with a plethora of the flora and fauna. This place is without any doubt going to prove itself as a true delight for the journey of each and every nature lover. Engross in the calmness of camping in the wild while spending some quality time with your family and friends as well as indulge in the miscellaneous enjoyable activities of Kayaking and commercial fishing.

Trekking, Arctic National Park

Trekking has been recognized as one of the most demanded adventure sports in the highly thrill- filled regions of Alaska. One of these experiences can be attained from the most stunning Arctic National Park. Being witnessed as the loneliest wilderness area, the Artic national Park is surely awaiting your glimpses. It has much more to offer than a sole tourist can even imagine. While being there, one might come across the dead and decayed remains of the animals’ bodies from the bygone times dotting the mountains as if they have been dropped off directly from the sky. The unnamed mountains, green lakes and the boundless Tundra valleys are waiting for exploration. Trek here and feel refreshed!

Hiking, Deer Mountain Trail

The Deer Mountain commences in the form of a home to many residents there and its path passes from the middle of these people’s resident areas, and going further it finally transforms into a quickly ascending rock trail apt for an adventurous fun. Indulge in the positivity and serenity in the fresh air and the scenic views all around the mountain. The forest surrounding the Deer Mountain starts opening up as your trail moves its further steps. The winsome views from the mountains is just breathtaking comprising the pristine and crystal clear water in the lakes, lush green environment and a highly calm surrounding. The National Forest Service has constructed the beautiful shelters for you to take a halt and rest for as much time as you want.

Climbing And Hiking, Root Glacier

Worldly acknowledged as the largest National park amongst the whole national Park system, the Wrangell St. Elias National Park is a home to the ‘Root Glacier’ that is witnessed as one of those dynamic glaciers which are known to be covering the one-third part of this park. You can indulge yourself in the fun of climbing the glacier with the help of an ice-axe. This glacier incorporates plentiful slopes and surfaces carrying different shapes and sizes which makes it an idle spot for fascinating the adventures with the apt hiking, climbing and trekking activities. One can’t even imagine the spectacular surroundings this glacier is nestled into. Thus, undoubtedly this is a ‘not to be missed’ opportunity for every adventure lover present in Alaska.

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